The past 18 hours have given me hope! MrsL is slowly but surely reigniting the sparks of our kinky relationship. Sorry to be a tease but I don’t have a lot of time to write…details to follow later!  I am still unlocked due to excessive travel. The EvotionWearables base ring arrived with a gouge in … More Sparks…

Catching Up

Life has been just a little crazier these past few weeks.  I can’t believe it is almost the end of October; but, yet I have watched all of the LOCKtober post all month while being unlocked now for nearly 2 months.  Business travel coupled with high school and college football games, all with metal detectors, … More Catching Up

The Ginger Crush

I always enjoy people watching; especially, watching hot guys…discreetly! Last night I got caught and almost acted on my urges. I got off the elevator after work and entered the hallway to my room. I looked up and saw a very hot ginger walking toward me in work out clothes…complete with a large clearly outlined … More The Ginger Crush

No Locktober…yet

I absolutely love the Wonderful MrsL.  Even though I miss the friendly confines of her Steelheart being securely locked in place and am still quite conflicted about being unlocked all of this time, MrsL is definitely still in charge.  I had to be up early today for an early morning conference call and was in … More No Locktober…yet


As I was updating my Current Status page this morning, a page I woefully neglect when not at home, I realized MrsL has left me out of chastity now for 24 days. ¬†With the constant air travel coupled with the irritation issues from the EvotionWearables travel device and going to high school and college football … More Conflicted