You Have Earned…

Saturday was a whirlwind kind of day. I’ve been putting off some yard work and other little projects and knew I needed to finish them before Monday when my next round of several straight weeks of travel set in. Needless to say, I was on a mission. 

However; being empty nesters, we had a very enjoyable time waking up together. MrsL absolutely loves her morning wake up when I am home. If I’m being honest…so do I…even if it means I am left hard, horny, and frustrated, which is usually the case. MrsL, on the other hand, is always glowing from a massage, hundreds of kisses all over her body, and several orgasms! How much better can it get! 

After all of the chores were done Saturday with me basking in Tennessee beating Florida, we decided to just order pizza. We had discussed walking up to the local Chili Cook Off but opted to stay at home. MrsL was focused on prep for a big show she had on Tuesday. After dozing on the couch for an hour or so, MrsL sent me off to bed. Now, I don’t remember her coming to bed (unusual for me) but I woke up around 3 am from an erotic dream and cuddled up against her letting my arm rest across her breast. The fireworks were on at that point!

Ultimately I found myself alternating between lapping my tongue gently back & forth over each nipple while letting my right hand massage her clit. She had her first orgasm…EVER…from me licking her breast and massaging her clit. It was the most rewarding accomplishment we have achieved! As she was coming off the peak of that wave of euphoria, MrsL took my face in her hands pulling me in for a hot, tongue buried in my throat, passionate kiss before whispering in my ear… I need more! 

Holy sweet baby Jesus! 

With a handful of hair she pulled my head up then forced it onto her wet warm pussy. It was the best reward I could be given…or so I thought. 

After she rode my tongue to one after the next after the next heaving body arching orgasm she collapsed on the bed pulling me up on top of her. With a viciously evil smile on her face and a gleam in her eye…

You have earned….

The pause was excruciatingly long and she watched my face for any reaction. I just knew she was going to say “an orgasm”….but wait…there’s more!

….some back yard playtime! Tomorrow, make sure to give yourself a thorough deep clean because I want to fuck your brains out…!” 

She rolled over and was asleep in seconds!

All day Sunday I was sitting on ready. When MrsL finally ordered me up to the bedroom I was not able to move fast enough. I had my instructions and followed them to a fault and several minutes later my Beautiful, Sexy, Hungry Princess came confidently striding into the bedroom. She had changed into this wonderfully sheer black teddy that accentuated every glorious curve on her body. Her breast, nipples prominently standing at full attention, were pouring out of the lace bodice. My eyes couldn’t take it all in!!! Simply stunning! 

I wish I could say I got hard instantly but I would be lying! I don’t know if the combination of the all day anticipation coupled with eagerness for her to fuck my ass caused the malfunction. Whatever the reason, it had me but completely stressed out because she patiently tried for several minutes to coax her cock to an erection. Finally, MrsL in a caring and relaxed tone told me to just relax…she would take care of everything! Boy did she ever.

There is one thing that will always, without a doubt out a charge in her cock…the little blue clamps. She strolled over to the toy box retrieving the clamps and some rubber coated tie down/twist tie and sauntered back over to the bed. 

Oh, I forgot to mention…she informed me that my hands had to be overhead touching the headboard and could not move. A simple statement of being sent to the garage was more than enough to keep my hands in place. 

As we both anticipated, the little blue clamps electrified her cock and had it standing full and proud in no time. The rubber coated twist tie was the firmly and snuggly wrapped around the base of her balls, further enhancing the erection, before she stood at the end of the bed to slowly and so damn erotically peel out of her teddy. This is where it gets good…. 

MrsL removed the jewelry from the PA then climbed up and straddled me. As she reached around to grab her throbbing cock, a smile appeared on her entire face: You are not allowed to cum!

As she slowly  slid down the shaft my body was alive with the contrasting pain of the clamps with the overwhelmingly pleasurable warm squeeze of her pussy. Thankfully I was able to fend off my bodies attempt to blast cum deep inside her! Then she pulled up off of me and again took her stiff cock in her hand. 

As she, again gazed deep into my eyes and let a small smile curl on her lips I felt the sensation the head of her cock pressing against her tiny little rosebud of a hole. That in itself nearly caused an immediate explosion. 

Don’t speak. Don’t you dare move.  Just enjoy.

There wasn’t much penetration…but what there was had MrsL in a near orgasmic state. As quickly as it began it ended; however, she did not forget her “fuck your brains out” comment from the night before.

Slick fingers gently probed my ass building up to all five inside me up to the knuckles. MrsL knows exactly where the prostate is located and had my body oozing precum in seconds flat. 

Finally, she grabbed the largest dildo, slathered it in lubricant, and slowly began sliding it in my waiting ass. Damn did it feel awesome! She then started slow, methodical, deep thrust. When she finally sunk all 8″ in me, she reminded me I did not have permission to cum before taking the now “semi erect” cock in her mouth!!!!

Her care and intense passion while fucking and sucking me was pure ecstasy. It felt right! It felt incredible! It connected me to her more deeply than anything I’ve felt in years, even with her taking me to the edge of the abyss and coyily walking away dildo firmly slammed deep in my ass and her cock twitching with precum oozing down the shaft. 

MrsL picked up her teddy as she walked away. Standing at the door to playfully get dressed she ordered me to clean up the room and come downstairs for dinner. 

Unfortunately, as I stood up vertigo claimed me again and all I could do the remainder of the night was sit on the sofa…useless! 

I will take that kind of reward anytime she wants to give it to me…yes even the frustration of being denied an orgasm!

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