The Edging Experiment and Ruined Orgasm

I’ve commented in recent post about MrsL and how she is truly and continually growing in confidence, sexiness, and downright desire to be in control in our sex lives. The past 24-36 hours really hit that point home.

As much as I crave being locked in her Steelheart, I am absolutely enjoying being unlocked and always naked around her. She takes full advantage, when she wants, by tickling, caressing, reaching around my back to scratch all over my crotch while never touching her cock…and whispers in my ear as she does this…Oh so close but I’m not ready to play with my cock… I’ve been horny, frustrated, and leaking all week. 

After being threatened with a spanking I would never forget for touching her cock followed by her matter of factly telling me I don’t get to choose which of her orders to follow…follow them all…I’ve been on my best behavior. Yesterday was, I think, was a bit of a reward for being on my best behavior. Even though MrsL, when asked why she was so gracious, simply replied I did what I wanted to do!

So, yesterday morning I went in to wake her up as usual: back and feet rub with gentle kisses up and down her back. She normally turns over and u crawl back into bed and she wraps herself around my leg to pleasure herself for a few minutes before pushing my head between her legs to get her off to a great day.  Not so much yesterday! 

As she rolled over and I began to climb back in bed she pushed me away and told me to simply stand by the bed. For the next half hour or so, as she periodically reminded me she was playing with HER cock, she stroked and sucked me to the edge 4 or 5 times. She is getting better at reading my body cues and usually stops just as I am about to inform her she is approaching that point…the point of me getting locked up for having an unauthorized orgasm. When she finally got to the point of me screaming “close” as she had her cock buried down her throat letting thr tongue swirl under the shaft she rolled over and walked into the bathroom. 

Make the bed and I’ll go start breakfast. Don’t you dare touch my toy!

The caveman instinct almost took over as she walked out of the bathroom. I wanted to grab her, throw her on her bed, and drive my still throbbing penis inside her and cum. She sensed I was having horny thoughts and asked if she needed to get her Steelheart out. I cleared my throat and my head and sheepishly said no. Close call!!

Lunchtime came and found me being led into the bedroom by her cock and being told to remove the PA ring. She sprawled herself on the bed with her inviting pussy beckoning and allowed me to drive HER stiff cock deep inside her. She had mastered using her vaginal muscles and kegels to grip and “pull” me inside her. It is stunningly powerful and erotic! I was told I could edge mysel while inside her but explicitly told not to have an orgasm! As I slid myself in and out of her wonderful pussy she would caress my body, play with my hair, and tweak my nipples. Maddening but I maintained control.  I lost count of the number of times I had to pull out of her completely and think of unsexy things while tensing every muscle in my body to not cum, probably  5 or 6 times.  Then it happened!

As I was settling in to a nice rhythm and she was riding on the edge of her own orgasm the caveman made an appearance: “please let me cum inside you….please…” 

Her eyes popped open and she clamped her hands on my head holding me eye to eye: Pull out of me and get back to work. 

Again, I thought about finishing but my submissive side quickly took over and I rapidly complied. I asked to finish her with my mouth and was emphatically told NO! Maybe later. I’m off limits until further notice.

The rest of the day and evening MrsL seemed distant but still in a teasing mode. I even considered asking her to be rough with me:  tie me up and abuse me as she wished but I didn’t. I still struggle with wanting to be in control. Thankfully I didn’t ask and went to bed. 

I went to bed around 10:30 and was restless…couldn’t sleep. I’m not sure if she had a plan or if something she watched before coming to bed triggered her behavior when she came to bed but either way I LOVED IT! 

I had drifted off and woke to find her standing at the foot of the bed naked just looking at me and smiling. The rest of the night was a blur of pain, pleasure, a totally unsatisfying ruined orgasm, and again being denied the pleasure of savoring her pussy!

She climbed on top of me and sucked my bottom lip in her mouth. While she sucked and bit on my lip she raked my body with her nails…including her cock and balls!  Every time I tried to pull my lip out of her mouth she bit down and sucked harder! Needless to say when she finally decided to focus on another part of my body my lip was swollen and pulsing! 

My nipples were treated to being chewed on causing loud audible moans. Finally she trailed  nibbles down my stomach and sucked her, and yes she stopped long enough to remind me it was hers, cock down her throat! She sucked, chewed, stroked, and squeezed her cock and balls masterfully taking me to the brink too many times to count. Each time my breathing began to accelerate she would stop whatever she was doing, count out loud to 30, then start right back where she left off! 

During a particularly long period of sucking on the head and stroking with both hands I could feel the tingling over my entire body. I knew I was DANGEROUSLY close and started saying: close, Close, CLOSE!!! 

MrsL stopped sucking on the head and simply increased the intensity of the stroking. After the fourth or fifth CLOSE she STOPPED. The wave of bliss raging through my body broke like a wave hitting the breakwater! With the resulting ruined orgasm oozing cum all over her hand she had laughed proudly!  She used the cum to begin swirling a slick finger directly underneath the piercing sending me into a spasm. She did that for a few seconds then made me lick her fingers clean after she would get them coated in cum. 

When she was satisfied I was clean she curled up on her side of the bed and I tried to move in to make her happy. Nope, I am still off limits. I had my fun tonight and am going to sleep. Goodnight. Wake me up when you get up. I thanked her several times for ruining an orgasm.

It took me an hour to get to sleep I was so amped up. When the alarm finally went off I rolled over and began to caress MrsL. She responded by FINALLY allowing me to lick and finger her to several orgasms! It was awesome.

I thanked her again over breakfast and asked her if she was happy.  She smiled: More than ever before. 

I am still unlocked and enjoying her control! 

8 thoughts on “The Edging Experiment and Ruined Orgasm

    1. Sometimes, yes. If I venture down that path and she is receptive I keep going, all the while knowing she will still decide if I have an orgasm. However, I am truly learning just how fulfilled I am when I release myself into her…and just go with what happens.

      Thank you!

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