Crazy weekend

We had a crazy busy weekend made more difficult for me due to a massive unexplained headache and a bout of vertigo that is still lingering. Most importantly, we were together as a family tomorrow to celebrate MrsL’s birthday! 

Friday night we drove over to see our nephew’s high school football game. They were undefeated going in to the game but suffered their first loss, at the hands of last year’s state champion in 4A football. Our nephew is a pretty solid middle linebacker but his old coach now coaches for the team he played so they really took him out of the game. He did get several great tackles.  Quite the learning experience for him. His old coach sought him out after the game to tell him how proud he was to see his progress…pretty awesome. 

20 was at home when we got back. He needed some minor work on his car and a hair cut. This was his last weekend free until sometime in November so it was good timing.  On the way home from dropping his car off at the shop a headache started building that didn’t really resolve until late last night. The headache was so bad it triggered vertigo. That had been flashing in & out all weekend. I basically sat in the couch the rest of the day, useless! 

Since 25 had to work Saturday evening, MrsL requested Sunday brunch for her family birhday meal. We woke up Sunday and started fooling around with her teasing me before I asked to give her an orgasm with my tongue, to which she graciously said yes. As I was getting her engines revved up, 20 (thankfully he didn’t walk in) called out from the hallway wanting to know what time we were leaving. Amazing how kids, at any age, can destroy a moment! After answering him I strolled into the bathroom to hop in the shower AFTER MrsL told me to plug in her hot rollers (she is letting her hair grow long again…which I LOVE). As I was about to hop in the shower I saw her motioning me to the bed: 

You are not allowed to tease me and leave me on the edge…ever! 

No amount of explaining how she gave me something to do after 20 had interrupted us or her rolling over and covering up sufficed.

Just don’t expect to be granted the privilege of using your tongue on my pussy for awhile. Now go shower! 

Damn! As I was getting out of the shower MrsL was putting rollers in her hair. I stroked her back and pleaded my case again…”just following orders…” or something along those lines. She spun on my: You don’t get to pick and choose what orders to follow. You follow them all! I allowed you to give me an orgasm…that was an order…I asked you to plug in my rollers…you only followed one. So I am off limits the rest of the day! 

That was the end of that discussion. My head was reeling from the vertigo but also her taking that much control!

We drove down to meet 25 then go to brunch. He had “scouted” a new breakfast/brunch restaurant and was pretty insistent we go there. MrsL and I both sensed some minor manipulation and we were right. After a great brunch and seeing 20 off to school (he drove so he could leave immediately after so he could be sure to get a parking space at his dorm) 25 tosses out: “Do you guys want to see the apartment I am looking at?” 

Now don’t get me wrong, if he is ready to move on to the next phase of recovery we are all for it but he sprung this out of nowhere. We knew he was considering it as his Grandma (MrsL’s mom) told us his plans. He confides in her to “grease the skids” with us. After driving by the place, which he would be subletting from his current boss who is moving back to Atlanta, we had an adult conversation about his plans. 

I won’t go into details just yet as it is very fluid. He is telling us the sober living place is not providing any of the services they promised: daily morning meetings, daily evening meetings, one on one counseling, etc. We are going to call and ask some questions but if true we can save some money by what he is recommending. We left him feeling good about what he is planning. He wants to get feedback from his long time counselor here in town, his sponsor, and his umpiring mentor and had committed to following what their recommendations, even if he doesn’t like what he hears. Progress!!

After nearing falling over while leaning in to kiss her as we started dinner I was ordered to the couch. She didn’t want me falling into a hot stove or hitting my head on the island if I fell. I hate feeling helpless especially when she has to do work around the house!

Then, after dinner as we were watching football and MrsL was reading Steeled Snake’s most recent story ( she knows I follow several blogs and every once in awhile she agrees to read the “erotic but not x-rated” stories) I get a snapchat: If I see your hand touch MY cock again I will send you to the garage for a spanking you will not forget then lock my Steelheart on you for a LONG time…travel or not…!  (BTW, @SteeledSnake she loved the story and even commented how life may imitate art sometime soon…Thanks)

Yes, I am still unlocked as she had really discovered she likes full access when I am at home. Yes, I think I was absently letting my thumb swirl around the head as I was working on setting up a video conference with Australia for later today. Yes, I was shocked she called me out…more control! I explained it away as an itch…which she promptly called BS  on…then made sure my hands went nowhere near her property…even though I instantly got an erection when she challenged me! 

As I went to bed, still struggling with a headache and mild vertigo, she reminded me not to touch HER PROPERTY! 

So, it was indeed a crazy weekend. Hopefully my head will clear and I can get my yard back from the jungle it is becoming! Now, back to work!!

2 thoughts on “Crazy weekend

  1. Love this – and honored that she reads the blog from time to time. I’m wondering though if I should apologize to you. 🙂 Some of the posts are … challenging.

    Just so you know – I was sent to this post by Charmer to read the portion about “I told you to do something, you do it, period” and discuss. Seems we may have a common theme brewing between us.

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I’ve sensed MrsL’s control gradually increasing week by week. Right now, when I am at home, she is thoroughly enjoying having me unlocked and naked.

      She typically doesn’t read beyond what I recommend as she is still very “reserved” but the stories I do ask her to read she enjoys. Thanks for sharing.

      The “you don’t get to choose…” conversation had me horny as hell all day!

      Liked by 1 person

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