Morning Routine

MrsL and I are both thoroughly enjoying my week in the “office.”  Yeah, I have been getting up way too early all week to drive an hour to the work location with our video conference equipment. Yeah, MrsL has been gracious enough to allow me out of the Steelheart each day until I get home from this metal detector protected facility. However, she added a new activity to her morning wake up routine.  First, I have to tell you how I almost got in serious trouble.

As I have chronicled here many times, MrsL requires me to put on the Steelheart myself (she is afraid of pinching me) then she locks it in place.  She also unlocks it.  Well Monday night, since I had to get up at 2:45 a.m to make a 4:30 call, MrsL told me to get the key before I went to bed and allowed me to sleep sans Steelheart.  When she came to bed I tried to snuggle and play and she simply held my balls and told me to go back to sleep. I got up, showered, went to my video call, came home around 7:30 a.m., and got back in my official uniform:  the Steelheart and socks.  

Well when it came time to wake up MrsL it was obvious very quickly that the moaning and heavy breathing while dreaming overnight had fueled her libido.  As she reached down expecting to find her unlocked toy she rolled over with that you have seriously fucked up look on her face.  The following conversation inches us further down the road to more and more control over me:

You already LOCKED my Steelheart back in place?

“Yes, Princess.  Was I not supposed to put it back on?  Plus I have to go back tomorrow morning at the same time.”

So I guess now you are okay with locking away my toys? 

At this point I was quite convinced there would not be a right answer…no matter what I said. 

“No, Princess…I thought this is what you wanted?  I can get you the key…”

NOPE.  Leave it on.  And…as a matter of fact…you can sleep in it tonight and unlock it yourself tomorrow morning and put it back on when you get back.  It is obvious you don’t need me to lock it! 

“I was just trying to not wake you up and you didn’t say not to put it on…”

So, let’s review if you didn’t want to wake me up to unlock my Steelheart why would y out even think about waking me up to lock it?  I must have looked as if I was about to say something…Just stop before you wind up in the garage.  MrsL got up and left the 

No amount of begging the remainder of the day worked.  After another warning to drop the conversation or risk not being able to sit the rest of the day I let it go.  I unlocked and locked myself again Wednesday morning before getting back to normal last night with her unlocking me.  This morning I remained unlocked until after her new morning routine…at least I can hope…!

As I gently woke her up with a light massage she rolled over and immediately checked and smiled.  As I showered kisses over her breast, MrsL stroked her toy adn played with her balls.  Don’t you dare cum….I want my toy sliding up and down the outside of my pussy…go.

We discovered her true enjoyment of this activity during my recent period of being unlocked.  I place the shaft along the length of her labia and slide the pierced head up into her clit.  Orgasm #1 erpupted through her body. As she was coming down she pushed me down her body with a simple command:  TONGUE.

I love how I can feel her little “micro orgasms:” little twitches of her clit with rapid breathing followed by total relaxation then full body tensing.  MrsL must have had 5 or 6 of these micros before each of the next two FULL BODY, NEIGHBOR WAKING SCREAM orgasms.  I was a happy and proud chaste hubby!

I could feel precum oozing down my leg.  I mentioned how “leaky” I was resulting in me licking her hand full of precum clean. 

This is where the new routine comes into the picture. 

Wrapping both arms around my waist so I couldn’t back away, MrsL leaned in and began nibbling on then full on chewing on a nipple.  Now I am not a spring chicken and my “recuperate” time between erections is 30-40 minutes.  AS I had just lost a full erection while making her scream with my tongue I knew in my mind there would be no reaction…hell…it had only been 20 or so minutes (I only know this because of the large face alarm clock sitting beside the bed…did I mention I am getting older and my eyesight is going south).  Boy was I surprised!

Within moments of her latching on to one nipple, chewing on it for a minute or two then alternating between both of them, her toy sprang back to full attention. As she let one hand snake around my waist to my crotch she giggled finding the erection.  The nipple play became more intense as she stroked her stiff cock.  When I would try to back away she would pull me back in with her teeth.  Every time I thought I could slip in to sub space MrsL would switch nipples; momentarily, snapping me back to reality before latching on to the other one (I’m not sure how she could sense but it was too obvious that she knew…somehow). Using this dual approach, now with both hands stroking her cock, I was edged 4 times.  Her hands were covered in precum!   As I was licking them clean she got this evil grin on her face: STEELHEART NOW then walked away.

Wow!  Damn!!  Of course, a cold wash cloth was needed to get her toy back in its steel container and MrsL sat on the side of the tub patiently waiting until she could turn the key.  As she turned the key: I think I like how things worked out this morning. I think I will edge you like that every morning….long pause….I let you out of my Steelheart the night before.  

I am okay with that!!!  The only issue…how often will I be out of the Steelheart?

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