New horizons

(NOTE: I realized after reading through this I didn’t set the stage for why MrsL made the comment about how much control outside the bedroom she would take. I revived our personal journal before I left this week and made a suggestion that we expand her control…start moving toward a FLM/WLM. Hope this helps)

With each passing day MrsL and I cross over in to new horizons.  Yesterday morning we crossed a couple of those horizons.

Yesterday, my boss was taking the day off, my flight got in late Thursday evening, and it had been an extremely rough night back in MrsL’s Steelheart…so I slept in…just a bit…until 8.  I actually got up around 8:15 strolled in to the bathroom to go through my morning maintenance routine cleaning of the steel.  A few minutes later as I emerged from the bathroom there was my Princess sprawled out on the bed!  A surge of desire ran through me…I could not resist.  Besides, she has been getting up around 8:45 all week anyway…so I walked over and gently kissed the closest breast.

I got an immediate response.  Writhing under my mouth, purring, and moaning sent an instant charge through my groin putting the steel trap to work stifling an attempted erection.  Now don’t get me wrong, my Steelheart is spectacularly comfortable until it has to do its job.  The new purple travel cage is effective as well but there is nothing more exhilarating and frustrating at the same time.  Those little “hot spots” of pinched skin around the scrotum when an erection is trapped are intense.  I assume everyone gets those when their device is working???  I don’t know any better.

MrsL reached up pulling my face to hers and we kissed deeply…passionately…for a few minutes.  I let a hand trail down her mid line crossing the mound of her sex causing her to arch up into my hand and bite down on my bottom lip.  Letting my forearm come to rest directly over her clit she began grinding her way toward an orgasm…stopping just short!  Moving toward the center of the bed she had me place a thigh between her legs, which she promptly coiled her legs around, and resumed her self pleasuring to a full orgasm…thus the first new horizon.  As she relaxed afterwards I commented on how we had found something she truly enjoyed.  Her smile was overpowering but it quickly turned to mischief.

Rising up and latching on to my right nipple with her teeth, she laid back down using my nipple as a lead.  As she chewed on that nipple, one hand fondled my aching balls while the other held me in place…not that I was going anywhere with her teeth firmly working over that nipple.  I was whimpering but enduring…she has no mercy when she is biting!

She began this little game of alternating between chewing on the nipple and asking me questions:

Tell me…how badly do you want to be out of my Steelheart right now?  

“That is your decision, Princess.” she bit a little harder and brought the hand that had been fondling my balls to the left nipple.

That is not what I asked you, now is it?  Now both nipples were in play…one from her teeth and one from her grip…damn.

“Princess, I truly want to be out of your Steelheart and allowed to be inside you…right now.”

Well, you are just going to have to imagine your tongue is your cock while you go down there and make me happy because MY COCK is not coming out of that Steelheart for awhile!

She grabbed some hair and pulled me up away from her.  Placing hands on both shoulders she pushed me down her body allowing me to shower kisses all the way down.  This is where the other new horizon was crossed.

As I was enjoying building her to an orgasm she started talking to me in a way that I really never thought would happen!  In between the aahhs, ooohs, purring, deep gasping breaths when as I would slam my chin into her pussy all the while swirling my tongue around the clit…suck the clit deep in my mouth then swirl the tongue around it letting it pop out of my mouth she said some incredibly erotic things…

You better not make me miss MY COCK being inside me from that wonderful tongue of yours…

Long pause as she writhed and moaned from my attention….

Or your cock may never come out of MY Steelheart ever again….

Long pause.  All the while my mind was racing and I was becoming voracious in my desire to make her scream.  That is when the first of many “When Harry Met Sally” YES, YES, YES exclamations left her body.  There were kids walking to their bus stop outside at this time and I really don’t care if they heard her or not.

Her body erupted with a strong, pulsing, WET powerhouse of an orgasm.  Lapping up her juices, I sounded like a hungry dog being given a bowl of food….there was quite a cacophony of human noise for a few minutes as we each enjoyed the pleasure of her orgasm!

As we cuddled for a few minutes afterward with her teasing my ass with a single finger, I confessed my absolute joy of being pegged by her as well as surrendering to her complete control.  She just smiled that knowing smile telling me that was good to know then said:  In here you don’t have any control…over your body…or mine.  Not only do I decide when or IF you have an orgasm…now I will really control when you are allowed to give me an orgasm.  But don’t worry…I will still have as many as I want…when I want.  We will see how much more control I want to take outside of the bedroom….okay?  Don’t you have work to do?  

I don’t know where this journey is going to take us…and am still processing it.  I am not sure I am ready for or even want a full time FLM but if that is where this path winds…I will wind it with my Princess!

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