Birthday…the finale

Let’s see…where did I leave off….oh yeah…

After the cleansing, MrsL selected the Doc Johnson plug handed it to me and grinned as she walked out. It had been a month or so since our last trip down the back road so I worked it in slowly. Once in place I went downstairs…it was still an hour before we had to be at June’s house.

Well, how does that feel my plugged knight? 

After explaining how the last few days of non stop teasing and edging had me perpetually horny, I let her know the pressure on the prostate was incredibly frustrating and sexy. I helped her make the dessert for our dinner party then we both went up to get dressed. 

Dinner at June’s with her boyfriend (let’s call him Gordon since he is a chef) was so exciting! She had chosen to not wear underwear with her little black dress and took every opportunity to give me a glimpse of heaven. Once while standing at the kitchen bar with MrsL standing behind me she let her hand roam down and play with the plug while June and Gordon were both distracted with cooking. Gordon is a pretty good cook and dinner went by fast. 

Toward the end, June’s son who is 20 and one of our 20’s friends got home from work. Now that he is an adult I don’t feel bad saying I would absolutely love sucking his cock. Tall, handsome as fuck, dirty blond hair, and hung like a horse. I base that last comment on the fact that when he wears gym shorts it is OBVIOUS! But alas, I digress. We finished dinner, dessert, and drinks then headed home. 

To say that MrsL fucked me raw would definitely be an understatement. Cuffs were applied to ankles and wrists. Ankles snd wrists were then latched to each other in an X pattern as I lay on my back. The plug was replaced with the smaller 6″ dildo for quite a thorough pounding. As she took a break to grab the 8″ she simply asked: Are you ready?  There was absolutely no hesitation in burying all 8″. I gasped as she slammed it home the first time then relaxed as she found her rhythm. After a few minutes she unlatched the ankle cuffs and told me to sit up on the bed…of course the dildo was still buried inside me. (Note: MrsL still isn’t comfortable with a dildo harness so she simply wields the dildo with her hands.)

Sitting on the side of the bed with that buried inside me, MrsL walked over and picked up her little blue clamps and their big brothers. After attaching the little ones to a nipple each she opened the big one’s and attached them to the pectorals! She has done that “double dip” once before. The big clamps force the pecs out causing the nipples to expand into the little clamps. Being the pain slut I am…I loose myself in that rush of exhilaration and pain. Once all 4 were in place she loosely gripped he erect cock and told me to rock on the dildo. Holy Hell!!!

I was ready to explode and screamed close almost instantly. As soon as I did she took her hand away, removed the clamps, and said: I’m done for the night..leave the toys out. I’ll be up later.  With that she walked out leaving me sitting on an 8″ dildo with my cock twitching and dancing like a break dancer. I was clenching every muscle in my body to keep from exploding . Wow!!! Horny, sore, and leaking…just the way she wanted. 

When MrsL finally came to bed she informed me she was completely off limits until further notice. I could not touch her at all: no spooning, no hugging, no brushing her hair, NOTHING! Talk about the ultimate mind fuck…all I wanted at that point was to snuggle up to her and be her pet. That was not to happen.

All day Sunday, MrsL made it a point to brush up against me and every time I tried to return the touch she would back away. 

I can touch…you can’t! 

Of course she edged me several times Sunday leaving me begging for her to allow me to hug, hold, kiss, caress, have any contact. Nothing!!! For the second night in a row I fell asleep beside her…craving her!

Monday came and we both had work. After getting home from a video conference she finally let me hug her. Honestly, I nearly had an orgasm from just hugging her! Around 8 pm,  a dinner of Chinese take out had settled, MrsL knelt in front of me and sucked me to the edge three times before sending me upstairs to attach myself to the bed and wait. I didn’t have to wait long. 

After  cinching my arms and legs tightly she straddled me and slid herself down over her rigid cock…beginning a slow sultry piston action…up…down…settle and fire her pussy muscles around her cock…repeat!!!  
When you are ready….make it a good one! I get three for every one of yours….

I tried to relax and focus on the techniques I had used all weekend when allowed inside her: slow breathing…thinking about anything other than the wonderful sensations of her womanhood enveloping me…none of it worked!

Within a minute I was muttering close…close…CLOSE!  She just smiled and shook her head Yes!
My entire body quivered and my toes curled. I don’t know how many strong eruptions of cum shot inside her as I shouted at the joy coursing through me into her. As I relaxed into my restraints, MrsL released my hands then told me to look at her.

Happy Birthday.  You have until you leave tomorrow to have as many orgasms as you wish as my gift to you. You can even wake me up whenever my cock is ready, understand? 

I just smiled all while shaking my head yes.

Oh and you don’t get a pass on cleaning up your cum. So I’m going to turn around and plant myself on your mouth for my first of three orgasms. I better be completely clean.

I was startled at just how much cum was inside her. I had to swallow several times as it just kept flowing out of her. She came three times in rapid succession from just me lapping up my cum.

I woke up two more times over night with raging erections and each time MrsL easily became aroused and let me make love to her. The 3 to 1 ratio was brilliant! She has never orgasmed that quickly and violently. Her energy filled me!

I was finishing her third after my third right as my alarm went off to get up and ready to leave, MrsL pulled me up on the bed and hugged me close to her.

Don’t forget my travel cage. When you get back, you will immediately put on my Steelheart. I Love you! 

She loosened her hug and was asleep in moments. 

I must say, I have truly never had such an awesome birthday! 

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