What do we do now…

MrsL woke up this morning to a missed text from the site director at 25’s sober living residence from last night. It seems he missed curfew and check in last night…and the other residents said he was at his “other apartment.” Obviously we were not happy. So, after her own doctors appointment headed down to … More What do we do now…

You Have Earned…

Saturday was a whirlwind kind of day. I’ve been putting off some yard work and other little projects and knew I needed to finish them before Monday when my next round of several straight weeks of travel set in. Needless to say, I was on a mission.  However; being empty nesters, we had a very … More You Have Earned…

Trying times

I guess I really will never truly be ready for 25 to venture out of treatment! In the back of my mind, even with a solid few weeks of working on my own “recovery” each next step still scares the hell out of me!  He has been in sober living for 2 months with some … More Trying times

Crazy weekend

We had a crazy busy weekend made more difficult for me due to a massive unexplained headache and a bout of vertigo that is still lingering. Most importantly, we were together as a family tomorrow to celebrate MrsL’s birthday!  Friday night we drove over to see our nephew’s high school football game. They were undefeated … More Crazy weekend

Morning Routine

MrsL and I are both thoroughly enjoying my week in the “office.”  Yeah, I have been getting up way too early all week to drive an hour to the work location with our video conference equipment. Yeah, MrsL has been gracious enough to allow me out of the Steelheart each day until I get home … More Morning Routine

The aftermath 

We are really enjoying being empty nesters. The weekend mornings have always been our alone time but now that we don’t have to worry about waking up the boys…well…things get intense sometimes. This was just made 2.5 hours after we finally decided we needed to get up and finish the painting project before MrsL’s birthday … More The aftermath 

New horizons

(NOTE: I realized after reading through this I didn’t set the stage for why MrsL made the comment about how much control outside the bedroom she would take. I revived our personal journal before I left this week and made a suggestion that we expand her control…start moving toward a FLM/WLM. Hope this helps) With … More New horizons

Birthday…the finale

Let’s see…where did I leave off….oh yeah… After the cleansing, MrsL selected the Doc Johnson plug handed it to me and grinned as she walked out. It had been a month or so since our last trip down the back road so I worked it in slowly. Once in place I went downstairs…it was still … More Birthday…the finale