The Board Room (part 2)

Becca was beaming as she greeted her long time friend; however, she was still a bit apprehensive.

 You know how nervous this makes me.  I have never been to a munch before let alone one in the board room of a major Fortune 500 company.  Are. you sure this is going to be okay?

Renee’s Cheshire Cat grin spoke volumes.  “Just wait a second…let me calm your fears.”  

With that Renee reached in her bag and produced a long leather lead with a golden clasp on the end.  She walked out the door letting it shut behind her. Moments later the electric strike released the door and Renee marched back in strong and confident trailing the lead behind her.  On the other end was a naked, hooded, and chaste male crawling on all fours with the lead attached to a studded leather collar around his neck.

Becca took an audible breath a bit startled at the sight.  

You don’t have to worry about anything my dear, my pet is my boss…the CEO of this Fortune 500 company.  He runs the company and I control him after hours.  We do this every month…relax and enjoy.” 

Renee led her pet to the bar. She reached under and appeared to be pressing a button which triggered a hidden door on the front to release revealing numerous eye bolts, dozens of segments of brightly colored rope, and a set of stacked drawers.  Out of the top drawer she procured a rather sinister looking metal plug.  Inviting Becca over to the bar she began:

“Have you heard about the PEAR before?  It is an old torture device…this one is small in comparison to others” Renee handed it to Becca and continued.  “The tip glides right in but the bulbs of the pear take a little work to get in properly…let me show you.”

With a single tap of the finger on the top of his hood, her pet placed his chest flat on the floor exposing his ass.  Taking a bottle of lubricant from the drawer she artfully worked the metal monster inside her pet’s ass.  

“This is the fun part” she exclaimed taking the ring attached to a post extending out the end of the device.  She gently began turning the ring creating an instant groan from her pet.  Two or three turns later, each one eliciting even more groaning, Renee tapped her pet on the shoulder and he stood up.  

“Now let’s get him in place for our guest.”  Becca watched with an evil grin on her face as Renee backed her pet up to the bar, took a lock from the drawer, and attached the ring of the pear to the eye bolt at the end of the bar.  

“My pet will need a few more attachments but let’s get the matching end piece on the other end.” Reaching in to the drawer Renee handed Becca another pear…not quite as large as the one in her pet but she knew exactly what to do.

Walking toward Adam, Becca could feel her juices soaking her panties.  She would have to remember to let Adam smell them when they got back to the hotel.  She placed a hand on his shoulder a pressed down firmly.  

Adam had been lost in his own thoughts.  How would he ever keep his job if anyone found out.  Ultimately, he trusted Becca and lost himself in sub space.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity he felt her touch and knelt to the floor.

Becca applied a generous amount of lube to the pear and his ass after removing the plug he had been wearing all day.  She was glad Renee had instructed her to have Adam sport a plug all day so it would not be such a shock when the pear expanded inside him.  She placed the tip against his rectum and gently pushed.

Adam was glad the plug had been removed but was confused by more lubricant being added.  Then the pressure of a metal object jolted him out of sub space and his senses were fully engaged.  As the bulbous portion of the pear violated him he gasped loudly.  Across the room Renee let out a hearty laugh and encouraged Becca to finish.  Becca grabbed the ring and started opening Adam up with the pear.  Two turns had Adam panting with beads of sweat popping up on his back.  Becca took the cues and stopped.  

Adam’s mind raced:  what is that device, wait it is getting bigger, damn is she going to stop.  Just as he was about to signal his safe “action” of rapidly shaking his head no the pain stopped and the device stopped getting larger.  He took a breath and relaxed.  

Hooking a finger in the loop,  Becca backed Adam up to the bar then locked him in place.

Renee, I think we are ready to decorate them.  What do you think?

With that, matching nipple clamps were attached to each of their secured bargoyles along with a tray hanging from a cord around their necks and then locked to leather mitts placed on their hands.  Group literature was displayed on each tray.  Just for an extra layer of security, each bargoyles had ankle restraints locked to the floor.  

“Becca, if you will open that side door our serving staff should be patiently waiting.  The other guest will be here in a few mintues.” 

As Becca opened the door she giggled audibly.  The serving staff were all masked young men all in various types of chastity.

“I am so glad you decided to join our munch, Becca.  You are going to have a great time. Oh, don’t forget, before we leave tonight you must take a picture of our two bargoyles with their hoods off so your Adam knows everything will be okay.  Once he sees his CEO anchored at the bar with him…he should be just fine!’

Hours later back at the hotel, Becca was recounting just how awesome her evening was chatting with other Dominant Women Keyholders.  Adam was smiling widely content in her happiness.

Oh, just in case you are wondering…don’t worry about any repercussions.  I don’t think he will mind.

Adam looked at the photo on Becca’s phone.  A sense of panic flushed over his face seeing Renee standing between him and her boss…both still anchored to the bar.  

Becca curled into him and fell asleep.  

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