The Best Birthday…Ever

I have thought long and hard (kind of ironic that phrase since I am very rarely long and hard anymore) on how to best chronicle the rest of my incredibly erotic and fulfilling birthday weekend here for my readers.  Should I continue to do little snippets of each crazy lust filled session…?  Should I write a separate post for each of the four nights…?  Or…oh what the hell…this is going to be a long post…maybe!  I hope you enjoy.

Thursday night began with MrsL making what she used to make for my birthday dinner before kids…homemade beef stroganoff.  It is a simple, quick, and delicious recipe.  Of course, I donned an apron over my naked body and helped cook and she took every available opportunity to continue torturing me by keeping me hard on edge throughout.  Dinner was great.  Cleaning up the dishes together was deliciously fun.  As soon as the dishes were put away, MrsL gave me explicit instructions: 

Make sure all of my toys are out.  Light the tall pink candle. Put on the cuffs and blindfold on and WAIT in the closet.  I will be up in a few minutes.  

A swift and firm slap on the ass sent me scurrying.  I had the clamping hanger on my nipples and was dangling on the rack in no time.  I waited…and waited…and waited.  I will never know how long it was but it set the stage for the rest of the evening.  When MrsL finally opened the closet door and released me from time out the nipples were stretched and achy…right where she started!  

There are no words when she plays.  I have long since learned to be quiet and she will occasionally whisper something in my ear. She puts me where she wants me.  She uses the toys she wants.  I find my sub space and try to relish in her pleasure.

I was led out to the bed and stretched out to the four corners.  The sore nipples were coated in hot wax.  I didn’t think hot wax could be any more painful…try having it poured over already sore achy nipples.  The sharp contrast of that first flash of intense heat on raw skin followed by the nearly simultaneous cooling and cracking of the wax made for a challenging point – counterpoint.  The nipples were not the only part of the body that got waxed.

As the wax was drawing the skin tighter on my nipples I felt the first single drop of hot wax on the head of the penis and heard MrsL laugh, commenting to herself just how much fun hot wax really was.  I couldn’t see but I am sure there was no portion of the penis and balls that weren’t covered in hot wax.  Thankfully, I keep the hair shaved clean below the waist.  The chest, on the other hand, lost a few hairs in the removal process.  Not fun!!! 

Once the wax was cleared, MrsL set in with her real plan for the night.  Using a feather light touch, she began stroking her penis.  Anytime I even simply flexed a hip muscle trying to gain more friction I was rewarded with a firm yet gentle slap on the balls coupled with: Don’t move!

Her grip and pace increased until I was feeling that familiar and desirable tingling…and I screamed close.  MrsL stroked and sucked her cock and chewed on her balls for a long long time.  I would be muttering “close” within seconds of her resuming teasing me.  Several times she would giggle and wipe up the precum oozing out on a finger and I would suck it clean.  The last trip to the edge had me frantically screaming close with MrsL daring me by saying: How close….

Just when I was about to lose control…MrsL stopped.  Not tonight.  Put away all of the toys.  Maybe I will let you cum tomorrow…probably not. 

We fell asleep with her holding her cook in her hand curled up on my chest.  The one thing she didn’t say…Happy Birthday.

Friday brought more teasing, edging, and playful banter. MrsL did want more of me being inside her at bed time and I discovered something new.  Simply sliding my rigid cock up and down her labia letting the head glide into her clitoris  then every few strokes sliding inside her sends her in to sheer ecstasy.  I have rarely been able to make bring her to an orgasm through intercourse…Friday night was one of them!  Afterwards, I was still fucking her with abandon and uttered “please tell me to stop.”  

Let me be clear, if you have an orgasm right now not only will you be locked up immediately and you will not get your real birthday present…AND…we will go to the garage for not 20, not 30, not 40, 50, or even 60 lashes…you will get 100 lashes.  

I have no idea if she was bluffing on the spanking but had no intention of finding out.  I rolled off of her and we cuddled.  

Saturday started where Friday night ended…me allowed to be inside her wonderful pussy…her rippling her vaginal muscles over my cock driving me mad, and ultimately me getting her to several orgasm with my tongue.  As I knealt beside the bed and laid my head in he lap after her last orgasm she began stroking my head as she laid out the evening:

We have been invited over to Junes’ house for dinner with her and her new boyfriend.  You will be plugged while we are there because when we come home I am going to fuck you raw.   Now let’s go look at kitchen faucets. 

We go dressed and ended up spending more at the DIY store than we had planned but MrsL has the first of her birthday presents: a new washer and dryer.  And before you go giving me grief about the choice of gifts…she has been hinting.that is what she wanted for months.  Once we got home, MrsL administered an enema to me and we got ready for dinner.

Okay…I was going to do this all in one post but I am getting tired. This 12 hours before I flew out this morning were, in a word, draining.   A great kind of draining!  More to come on that tomorrow! 

Good night!

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