I’m only getting started

The remainder of the day last Thursday was a bit of a blur.  As per the house rules, I was naked all day and every time I came downstairs to get coffee, water, lunch, etc she made it a point to make her presence known.

For example, as I was preparing my lunch she sauntered in to the kitchen and stood behind me.  As she bent down I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was then I felt her nails begin, ever so lightly, tracing up from the ankles, over the calves, and lingering…swirling…around the backs of my knees.

Do you know how hard it is to make a sandwich while your Wonderful Wife is having fun with her fingernails?

She stood up and began moving up the thighs digging in deeper with those glorious nails…so much more firm was her touch she pinned me against the island.  My thighs were on fire from her scratches but I relished in the feeling.  As her hands reached my ass the pressure dissipated and she was again gently caressing my ass cheeks.  I melted.

You do know that walking around here naked only means that I will always take advantage of the situation, don’t you….after all…it was your suggestion to do this.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, now!

My heart raced…not only from her words…but as she was saying this to me she reached around and found the rapidly swelling penis and began playing with the barbell in the PA. She spun me around face to face grabbing my balls and started stroking the full length of the shaft.

Why don’t we add a little flavor to your sandwich…maybe…?

I guess my eyes went wide.  I know I was a bit startled by the suggestion…that was new. Thankfully…it didn’t last long…

No, I am not ready for you to have an orgasm…maybe tonight.  

Then, MrsL simply walked back to her office and left me standing there horny, hard, and happy as a lark.

Having finished making my lunch, I grabbed my plate and drink and started back up to my office.  Just as I was leaving the kitchen I was summoned in to her office.

Thankfully, my lunch was a sandwich and chips…I didn’t have to worry about it getting cold or anything.  She pointed to the spot in front of her chair forbidding me to sit down the plate and cup. As I stood there, still semi erect, she reached up and latched on to my nipples…at first gently rolling them between her finger and thumb.  As the penis began bobbing from the pleasure she giggled a bit…that giggle that sends chills down my spine.

Suddenly the gentle rolling became intense squeezing.  When she wants, her grip/pinch is even more daunting than her favorite little blue clamps.  I guess it is because she can get just the tip of the nipple between her fingers…and…well….DAMN! I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with that pain.  Anyway….

As she was exerting her usual pressure on the tips of my nipples…causing me to rise up on my toes…she leaned down and took the now fully involved penis in her mouth.  I nearly collapsed eliciting this instant rebuke:  if you spill any of your lunch or drink on me or the floor we will go straight to the garage and you will NOT like the outcome.

MrsL then adjusted her grip…nearly sending me to the abyss of an orgasm…and swallowed her cock…letting her tongue move back and forth on the bottom of the shaft as she took it in her mouth.  When her tongue hit the base…she slowly pulled her head away and focused all of her attention on the head…licking, slurping, sucking…until I was almost chanting….close…close…close……

She released the nipples.  She sucked in hard on the head then pulled her mouth away making that cute little “popping” sound we all used to do as kids with our fingers then sat back in her chair.

That was just a little tease.  The rest of the weekend….WELL…I’m just getting started.  Go enjoy your lunch. 

MrsL spun around in her chair back to her computer and I walked away sore and horny with thoughts of “What’s next” running through my head.

Thursday night….well…you’ll have to come back and read about that later.  I have to run to an appointment.


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