Oh Hell No…

As I walked in the house the other morning it was eerily quiet.  The alarm was not on but MrsL was not downstairs.  I was perplexed.  I walked upstairs but saw no signs of her being up or even awake.  I had considered calling her when I got to my car but decided against it as I wanted to catch her still in bed.

I took my backpack to the office then walked in to our bedroom.  There still asleep was my beautiful Princess…in all her naked glory…half covered.  Being unlocked right now, the penis immediately started getting hard.  I stripped and crawled in bed beside her.

She was in a deep sleep still and startled just a bit as I let my finger trace from the bottom of her big toe, up over the arch of her foot, up her inner thigh, then over her round ass to the small of her back.  Once she realized it was me she melted in to me.

I showered kisses all over the side of her body and underneath the nearest breast causing her to stir even more.  As she finally woke up fully she rolled over, pulled me into her and after kissing me deeply bit down on my bottom lip!!!  To be honest, I am not sure why her biting on my lip is such a damn turn on but it is and she seems to enjoy it as well!  When she was finished biting and sucking on both of my lips she pushed me off the bed and told me to kneel beside it.  I was ready!!!

Her pussy was already wet.  I eagerly lapped from the perineum area up over her rapidly engorging labia finally letting my tongue dart over her clitoris.  She moaned and writhed around wonderfully.  I repeated this pattern several times before I felt her hands in my hair and her legs wrapping around my neck trapping my mouth right over her clit.

Keep your tongue out and you don’t move!

For the next several minutes she would thrust up and down, grinding her clit over my tongue and chin.  She has discovered the pressure of my chin externally on her g-spot with my tongue flicking her clit is incredible for her…so she ensures she gets the pressure she wants.  Right as I could sense she was about to cum…she stopped.

Why don’t you take out that ring and slide inside me?  

No hesitation on my part!!  The barbell was out (I actually had to look for the ball afterwards as I just dropped it and it got kicked under the bed) and as I placed the head at her parted labia she told me to stop.  DAMN!!  Boy was I in for a treat!!

She talked me through just how much of her cock she wanted inside her.  “Just the head, first….stop….now a little more….stop…”  With each little advance and stop she fired her vaginal muscles…it almost felt as is she was pulling me inside herself.  Each time she would say “a little more” I could feel her release the penis and she was clamping herself around it as she said “stop”.  Once I was buried deep inside her she wrapped her legs around my waist and began slowly fucking herself on her penis!!!  Every time she would arch into me her pussy would tighten on the penis…causing my body to quake and tremor.  Locking my eyes on hers was incredible.  I could see the joy on her face!  Watching her close her eyes and control not only her body but mine was powerful!!!

Her rhythm increased and I felt that tinkling sensation in my face, chest, groin….I knew it would not be long…and I didn’t want an orgasm…(funny how that works)…so in between tremors and catching my breath:

“Princess, please tell me no….”

She stopped with me balls deep inside her squeezing her penis as tightly as possible:

OH HELL NO.  Her eyes opened and were full of fire:

Your weekend is not going to start that way!  It probably will not even end that way!  All I know is I have you for 4 days straight and I am going to enjoy myself.  Now, I want a few orgasms…get busy!

With one foot on my shoulder and one on my chest she pushed me away and down to the floor.  Her feminine juices were gloriously oozing from her pussy and I licked, nibbled, and sucked her clean before focusing on her engorged clitoris.  Five orgasms later, after her body stopped quivering in my mouth, she pushed me off of her and strode in to the bathroom.

Don’t you have work to do? 

That was the beginning of the weekend.  Thursday night was even better…alas…I have a honey-do list to get done! More to come on our weekend!


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