Great birthday

My boss sent me home early this week so I could spend it with my family. Since it’s just MrsL and me in the house it was perfect!

I don’t have time for details…sorry…and promise a full accounting sometime this weekend…but yesterday was awesome!

Here are a few themes: 

  • Got home to find her waiting for me in bed! At some point she firmly declared: OH, HELL NO! 😀
  • I don’t think I have been kept on the edge of an orgasm that long…ever!
  • Tied to bed, hot wax, teased and edged then forbidden to touch her as we drifted off to sleep (I could spoon up to her and wrap an arm around her waist but she held my hand so it wouldn’t roam)
  • As she released me from the bed…whispered in my ear: That was phase 1…phase 2 involves an enema and my strap on! 

It is going to be a great weekend!!! Stay tuned!

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