What a Sunday!

Ok, I still haven’t finished The Board Room.  The story is swirling in my head refusing to be transcribed into written word.  I am working on it…promise.  But after signing off of yesterday’s post my day went from good to great and stayed at great until bedtime last night.

I knew I needed to shave and brush my teeth after having not shaved since Friday morning and having some coffee while I was typing. As I walked in our room my eyes were drawn to MrsL’s half covered figure.  I wanted to touch her but wanted to finish my personal hygiene. I went in the bathroom, closed the door, and did just that then walked out to wake her up, after all it was nearly 10:30 in the morning!!! 

I began by gently massaging her exposed leg from the ankle, up over the calf, then her thigh.  Letting on hand continue up over her ass, I let the other hand slide inside her thigh grazing the labia.  She writhed and moaned deeply while kicking the rest of the duvet off of her other leg.  I gave the newly exposed leg the same treatment garnering more writhing and moaning.  For the next few minutes my hands worked her muscles: kneading, rippling, massaging, and occasionally lightly brushing her clit, breast, or labia.  By the time she allowed me to put my tongue to work she was a hot dripping mess….the best kind of dripping mess! She had 3 incredibly strong orgasms before she ordered me on all fours beside her on the bed.

MrsL has become masterful at edging me.  After listening to my breathing timed to me uttering “close” for the past several weeks she knows when my body is building toward climax.  Don’t get me wrong I still have to inform her when I am close but she knows if I am truly close.  Well, after stroking me to the edge 4 times with smaller breaks in between she started for the fifth time.  I was on the verge in not time and uttered close 3 times…she increased her pace…I was screaming close, close, close…and felt the orgasm pulsing through my body when she let go and said:  “DON’T YOU HAVE AN ORGASM!”

I clenched every muscle I could, even arching my back to intensify the clench, telling myself out loud:  “NO, NO, NO” but was wildly unsuccessful.  The resulting dribbling of cum had her laughing with pleasure.  

Is that what a real spoiled (as she call them) orgasm looks like?  No big eruption…just a dribble…I like that and must do that more.

As I was cleaning up, she rolled away and told me the sheets needed to be washed before grabbing her pajama top and heading downstairs.  All she wore the remainder of the day was her pj top and sexy panties…HOT and such a fucking TEASE!

Around 1:30 she asked me to stand in front of her.  While she played with her rapidly rising cock with her feet:

Go get out my toy box, tie yourself to the bed, blindfold and noise canceling headphones on and I’ll be up soon.  A firm kick to my balls sent me on my way.  I was in position in record time and waited….

Round 1 consisted of lots of tickling followed by rubber bands, I think, wrapped around my balls, and her finding a new totally erotic spot on my body…she grazed one finger gently along my banded balls on the left side and I nearly came off of the bed.  She keyed on that spot including up the left side of the shaft, ONLY.  With the headphones on I must have been screaming close…then everything stopped.  The cock twitched a few times and I felt what must have been precum oozing down the shaft.  A finger ran up the length then I felt a finger on my chin forcing my mouth open.  As I sucked the slick finger clean one of the headphones was pulled up:

Yes or no only:  Restraints too tight? 


Music too loud?


Good, that was round 1.  I’ll be back later. The headphone was replaced and I was alone: naked, cock still pulsing, stretched to the four corners of the bed.  I lost track of the number of songs and commercials on Spotify but definitely dozed off and woke up once in a bit of a panic.  I took a few deep breaths and calmed myself down and soon felt her touch on my feet.   

Round 2 was more focused on sensory overload. Her misting bottle was employed freely.  Towels were placed on either side of me to catch the melting water from the row of ice cubes lined down my chest.  In between each cube, a small drizzle of hot wax provided an intense counterpoint to the cold.  As the ice finished melting the little blue clamps were applied to my nipples.  My body was confused but my mind was relishing in the pain…belied by just how quickly the cock went to fully engorged.  MrsL repeated the one finger stroking from Friday to drive me crazy this round and had me moaning close in no time.  As I fought the urge she stopped and got up off of the bed. The clamps were removed, the wax peeled away, and the remaining water dried up before one of the headphones came up:

Anything too tight?


Do you have any questions? 

Please take off the headphones…

Okay.  They were removed and he blindfold was repositioned then I heard her leave.

I am not sure what is worse: having music to help pass the time or the faint sounds of my wonderful Wife moving around downstairs mixing with the whirling of the ceiling fan.  Once again I dozed off and woke up to her tickling my feet.  AS I was catching my breath between tickling assaults I asked for the blindfold to be removed or loosened.  I haven’t worn a blindfold that long before and the pressure was starting to bother me.  She took advantage: I think I want you to watch me play this time, she said as she propped my head up a bit.  My body was painted with a cold wet paintbrush and as she was swirling it around my ear:

You know, my toy box has everything you want me to use…and I like all of it…but I have asked for ONE THING…one simple feather. I still don’t have my feather…so…this one is going to be memorable.  

She made good on her promise.  Cinching my legs tight and loosened my arms: If you can reach my cock you can play with it.  I looked at her and saw that wry smile…she knew.  Of course I tried and was within millimeters with either hand…garnering a snicker and some playful goading: go ahead, I am letting you play with yourself, what’s wrong…?  Talk about frustration!! 

MrsL picked up the lubricant from the nightstand and applied a liberal amount to her hand any my groin.  Then she began. Full hand pressing my balls up onto my body then continuing with the heel of her hand up. the shaft.  Her free hand then gripped the balls and pulled them away from my body. Gripping the shaft firmly, MrsL began a rapid full hand stroking. Squeezing the head as she finished  each upstroke, I was going mad.  She took me to the edge too many times to count. Starting to stroke me again as soon as the cock stopped twitching.  When I said “close” the last time she quickened her pace.  The urge to cum started to build.

Close…Princess I am close.

You do not have permission to cum.


How close?

As I bucked, she gave one more stroke extolling me about not having permission for another spoiled orgasm before stopping. My cock jumped, twitched, and oozed but did not betray me. I guess I have strengthened the right muscles.

MrsL undid one wrist cuff and walked toward the door.  She stopped at the door, glanced over her shoulder, and wistfully said: You have 5 minutes to put everything away and be downstairs.  For every second past 5 minutes you will get 10 lashes.  With that she was gone.   I did not get a spanking!!!

When I got downstairs I looked at the clock…it was 4:50.  Over three hours of being used when and how she wanted! I think I like this empty nest thing!!

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