Real life is way better than fantasy

For those anxiously awaiting the completion of The Board Room…my apologies as I have been rather distracted since arriving home.  Plus, I didn’t like the way it ended when I finally put it down in writing so I scrapped that edition and am rewriting the entire ending.


Why post fantasy stories when I can regale you with some real life erotica right here from the old homestead, huh???

Thursday afternoon was a bit crazy.  MrsL had swapped cars with 20 that morning to take his for a service before we helped him back to school.  After the service as she was driving around for errands his car died.  Alternator, battery, and two belts later all was good again.  Earlier this year, he helped a friend at school by jump starting his car…the wrong way!  When he described how they set up the jumper cables…without his car already running…then tried to start them both….I was surprised he didn’t fry the alternator then.  Thankfully it happened here in town.

Thursday night was spectacular.  MrsL’s current new rule since I am traveling and she doesn’t like sleeping up against the EvotionWearables cage is I am unlocked when at home.  Oh, the other reason she is keeping me unlocked while at home is the nearly non stop teasing she is enjoying…even with 20 here she finds some way to keep me on the edge most of the time.  Now that we have an empty  house…I am both excited and scared!!

After dinner, a new recipe of called pepperoni pizza pasta  which was incredible, and a couple of glasses of wine I crashed around 9:30 and went to bed because I had to get up at the crack of dawn to drive to my appointment.  When she came to be 3 hours later I woke up and snuggled up next to her and that was all the incentive she needed to pounce.

I was ordered on to my back and told not to move while she used her freshly manicured fingernails all over my chest, thighs, feet, and the region just above the fully involved erection…never once touching it.  When she was finished with her nails, she decided it was time to suck, chew on, and bite with exquisite force on each nipple.  By the time she was finished…me not being able to scream because 20 was still here…I just knew she had pierced each one with her incisors…but no…she has figured out just how much pressure is required to make me squirm.  Honestly, I had to tell her 4 or 5 times I was close to having an orgasm just from her abuse of my nipples.  (EDITOR’S NOTE:  she has promised that when the time is right for HER she will RUIN an orgasm through nipple torture…I can’t wait???)

When she was ready for more fun her hands wandered down to my remarkably still rigid shaft skilfully and deftly removing the piercing.

You know the rules…once you are inside me you are not allowed to cum…UNDERSTAND?

All I could manage was a grunted:  UH HUH before she straddled her cock and slid her wet warm cunt down onto her stiff waiting cock.  Beginning a slow remarkably seductive fucking of herself on her cock: slamming herself down balls deep, sitting still for a few seconds gripping her cock with the velvety smoothness of her pussy, then slowly pulling herself up the entire length all the while flexing her kegel muscles was glorious.  She has become so in tune with her body she would stop just as the head was about the exit her pussy, fire her vaginal muscles again then, the best way I can describe it, wiggle back and forth with just the head of her cock trapped against her clit causing the best ooohss, and aaahhhs, and moans from her.  I am figuring out…after 27 years of marriage…that I can control myself and let her truly enjoy sex with me being inside her.

I will get as many orgasms as I want tonight from your tongue (another few minutes of her chosen method of riding me for the night)…you will get ZERO (another few minutes of her chosen method of riding me for the night)…so lay back and enjoy being inside me.  

After being so close to the edge from the nipple biting I was pleasantly surprised at just how long MrsL was able to pleasure herself on her cock before I had to, as house rules demand, tell her I was on the edge again.  (EDITOR’S NOTE:We still haven’t hit that magic spot where she can have an orgasm and me not while inside her but we are getting very….very close).  Finally she rolled off and motioned for me to get on the floor.  She lay across the bed opening her legs exposing her pussy to me:  both labia  fully engorged dripping her sexy female juices with her clit standing up and out from her body.  I worshiped her body through several orgasms before being pulled up on to the bed beside her.  We collapsed coiled up around each other.

Friday afternoon, the boss canceled a conference call that had been scheduled for 2 p.m. around 11 a.m.  I asked for the rest of the day off and he said yes (I have the best damn boss) and went downstairs to tell MrsL we had the afternoon free.  20 was at work, poor guy had to work every day this week before heading back to a full week of college band camp before classes start but I was thankful because the house was empty.  I knelt in front of her and began massaging her feet with a coy smile on my face:  What are you doing…you need to get back to work.  

“Nope…just cleared my calendar for the afternoon.”  She sat back and enjoyed her foot massage for a few minutes then got an evil smile on her face.

Go get out my toy box, blindfold yourself, put on your noise canceling headphones with whatever music you want, and figure out how to anchor yourself to the bed and WAIT.  You can leave one hand free…I will take care of it when I decide to come up.  Now GO!

I must admit that was not what I had intended…I was going to take her upstairs and give her more body rocking orgasms with my tongue…but she is in charge.

After putting on the ankle, wrist, and thigh cuffs and was able to get my feet pretty much secure.  I then got the blindfold situated just about my eyes and had Spotify Rock Anthems playing through the Bose headphones before attaching the left wrist to the thigh cuff.  I seated the blinfold and lay back and waited….and waited…and waited.  All the while, my mind was racing and the cock cycled through a couple of erections as my mind toyed with what was about to happen.

The first indication MrsL was present was a cold mist of water being sprayed all over my body.  She hasn’t used her misting bottle in a long time and it is one of her favorite playful tortures.  She quickly cinched my ankles out to the edge of the bed and attached my right wrist to the thigh cuff then began her fun. I absolutely LOVE being sensory deprived by her…not knowing what, when, where or how is such a mind fuck….but a fantastic one!

I had on socks, as I am allowed during CFNM, and she had me bucking on the bed from laughter as she rapidly and lightly scratched each foot while peeling off the sock.  She had so much fun doing that she put them back on TWICE so she could take them off.  That in and of itself left me exhausted and truly vulnerable.  In between each of her focused attention to a different area she would mist my entire body to ensure I was fully engaged and not slipping in to sub space on her.

I soon felt the tell tale trail of rubber trailing up and down my chest and knew the little blue clamps were in her hands.  She teased me with them then lay them down below each nipple.  An earphone was raised:  When the clamp falls off your body I will attach it to something…anything…so it doesn’t fall off anymore…so you better not move.  WOW!  Really…not move!  I had the two small clamps laying under each nipple and the two larger clamps resting on my ankles…needless to say…all four were ultimately attached to something! The first were the two big clamps on my feet.  She has never studied pressure points…at least I don’t think so…but having those big blue clamps applied to my feet was an experience I am still trying to process.  Thankfully, she didn’t leave those on too long. The two small clamps lasted a few minutes longer but, as usual, ended up clamped on a nipple each…after she had my balls neatly wrapped and pulled.

After another misting causing the little blue clamps to fall off of my chest…each one then attached to a nipple…I felt her hungry hands pulling my balls away from my body with rope being coiled around them.  The rope was fed through the thigh cuffs and tied off.  This is where she really amped up the edging!

She took my semi soft cock in her mouth….a mouth full of ice…and sucked it back to a full erection.  She placed an ice cube in my belly button which became a pool of water in no time…water she would use remarkably well over the next few minutes.

Once again she removed the piercing so my mind instantly went to her mounting me like the night before…OH NO!  Laying between my legs she would take one finger, dip it in the cold water (she kept putting ice cubes in my belly button), then stroke up and down the entire length of my shaft.  As my breathing got more rapid she would focus on the PA piercing hole…just below the head….!  That has to be the absolute craziest and most intense sensation I have experienced.  Balls tied off stretched out under her, one wet finger, light pressure, simply stroking back and forth no more than a couple of millimeters.  She had me on the edge of cumming a dozen times before I made the mistake of reaching a hand up to caress her elbow.

Since she was laying between my legs and my hands were cuffed to my thighs I knew they were close to her.  So, after screaming CLOSE, CLOSE, CLOSE that 12th time I raised up my right hand and rubbed her elbow.  Everything stopped and she stood up beside the bed ripping the headphones from my ears.


All I could do was shake my head no as she unlatched my right hand.

Next time, you will not touch me until I give you permission.  Now you’ll never know if I was going to be generous or not!  You have one hand free…clean all of this up and then come downstairs we have a lot to get done before we leave for your birthday dinner.  

She left the room leaving me still anchored on three point with my balls still tied off to my thighs.  It was quite the feat getting out of that since every time I moved my balls got a little tug.  Ultimately, I got out and cleaned everything up before joining her downstairs.  She just grinned as I walked in with a smile on my face.  As I hugged her she reminded me she was still off limits as we had things to do.   Being locked up in chastity or having her tease and deny me is awesome.  The real control she exerts over me is when she forbids me from touching her.  That is when I really feel her control!

That was the best part of the weekend so far…oh until the drive home last night….but I will leave that for later.  It is time to go wake up MrsL!!!!



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