The Board Room

Working alone in this over sized room had become such a tedious bore.  He had been on this investigation for two months trying to find the employee who was leaking intellectual property to their competitor.  The CEO didn’t want anyone to know he was there except himself and direct staff so the former board room; complete with wet bar, two big screen televisions, and a bust of the founder was the perfect location.  It had a hidden entrance at the back of the facility so he could come and go without seeing another employee.  The investigation was hurtling forward with two or three main targets and soon he would be speaking to them.

He enjoyed speaking to, interviewing, employees.  He was in charge.  He directed the conversation.  He had all of the evidence needed to ensure the employee’s demise.  It was a thrill.

The most enthralling aspect of his job was knowing that underneath the corporate attire was his Princess’ locked Steelheart around his manhood and a leather cord with a small lock around his neck.  He led such a double life.  Strong, confident, composed, and always in charge  in the corporate world during the day.  Tamed, submissive, and completely owned and controlled by his Wife at home.  This arrangement had blossomed out of Her catching him masturbating in bed as she was laying beside him.  The passion had left their marriage and she wanted and got it back through chastity.

His Wife usually didn’t travel with him; however, this week she had managed to clear her calendar and surprised him by driving the 5 hours to be waiting for him in the lobby of the hotel when he checked in that evening.  He hadn’t even noticed her sitting across the lobby when he walked in from the parking garage and was startled when he turned from the desk and there she stood in her little black dress and heels looking every bit like the Goddess she was.  He flushed with excitement as his cock began straining at the steel tube locked on it.

Are you going to greet me or just stand there and look at me?

Yes, Princess.  I am just so surprised and excited to see you.  He leaned in and gave her a short kiss.

My bags are over there.  Give me the room key and I will be waiting for you in the room.  

He handed her both keys, remembering to glance down to see the room number, then scurried to find a luggage cart.  She strode away without even looking back to see if he could manage everything and was on the elevator and gone in mere seconds.  The steel was now fully engaged and biting into his balls.  He loved that feeling!

He could tell from her luggage she had brought all of her favorite toys.  Loading up her bags quickly he stilled his emotions.  There was no reason to anticipate or try to figure out what She had planned.  As he knocked on the door his heart was racing.

As the door swung open he stepped in and immediately stripped as soon as the door closed. She inspected him closely even ordering him to turn around and expose his ass for her, eliciting this response: tomorrow you will be wearing my plug when you go to work.
Not knowing what to expect he stood there for a few seconds before he decided to move. He took all the luggage into the bedroom and started and unpacking Her luggage, leaving the bags of toys alone. She walked in behind him caressing his ass and fondling his caged manhood. The remainder of the evening was calm and uneventful. They went out for dinner and each had a few drinks all the while She kept fondling Her steel encased cock with her foot.  Afterwards, he curled up on her lap in bed where she explained what was going to happen tomorrow.

You will take my toys with you and have them in the boardroom when I arrive. I will be there at some point tomorrow and we’re going to have a good time, well I know I am going to have fun.  She caressed his back for a few minutes before pulling his eyes to Hers with a handful of hair.   Don’t worry about letting me on campus or in to the boardroom…I forgot to tell you I know Renee. 

 His eyes bulged at hearing Renee’s name.  She was the Executive Assistant to the President of this business unit.  He tossed and turned all night not really getting any sleep due to excitement. When the alarm sounded he jumped.  She reached over and gently scratched his back: Set my alarm for noon and tell the front desk we don’t want house keeping. Don’t forget my plug.  She rolled over and drifted back to sleep.  He showered, inserted the butt plug, got dressed, then left for work after placing the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and stopping by the front desk with his Wife’s request. 

His day was filled with too many distractions and he was startled when he heard the electric strike engage and noticed it was 4 p.m. His Princess came striding in wearing a black leather mini dress, stiletto calf high leather boots, and a bright red leather studded choker.  STRIP AND KNEEL! 

Without thinking, he was naked and kneeling in front of her in seconds as she locked Her collar around his neck.  

Where are my toys?  Get them for me then go kneel in that corner.  She paused for a few seconds before continuing.  Not that it is any of your concern but you don’t need to worry about anybody coming in here…you are not going to see or hear anything.  

The Steelheart was viciously throttling his attempted erection.  After he opened the suitcase with her toys he hurriedly found the corner she had indicated and knealt clearing his mind in preparation for what was next.

She found the thick leather hood, gag, and noise canceling headphones before confidently striding to the corner and rendering her toy senseless.  It was about that time the electric strike released and Renee came strolling in the room. 

Oh, hi Renee I was just getting ready to put him on display.  When does everyone else arrive?

To be continued

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