Sober living and Empty Nesting

Not everything in life is about kink and chastity. As much as I enjoy writing on this blog about our journey into a chastity lifestyle; I have found it very calming to write about what’s going on with in our family. I hope my regular readers don’t mind me writing about something other then my sexual exploits with my Wonderful Wife and Keyholder. And if you do then check back tomorrow because I have an erotic story almost finished.  Yes I’m locked in the eve ocean wearable device. No I haven’t had an orgasm and over two weeks at this point. And yes MrsL is continuously teasing me and leaving me horny and frustrated which is awesome. However that’s not what I want to write about tonight. So, here’s a little regular life!

As you know 25 has moved into a new sober living residence near us and it’s a bit of a challenge for me to know what to do next. He’s been clean and sober now for going on 80 days and I couldn’t be more proud of where he is with his sobriety. To say that I’m nervous and anxious about this next phase is an understatement but I also know that I have to let go and let him work his recovery program.

Two weeks ago MrsL and I met with the new director in charge of the sober living house where 25 is moving. He’s only five years older than 25 and has been sober for six years. He’s a certified addiction counselor and works for one of the best sober living programs in the US. I keep saying sober living house but it’s actually an apartment. This company rents a block of apartments and puts clients who are ready for sober living together in the apartment. This program offers transportation to and from meetings counseling sessions and other recovery related services. He will still be drug tested on a random basis and has to have a job within the first two weeks of being there. All of these things lead me to believe it is the right place for him right now.  All we can do is be there and support him as long as he remains in active recovery.

On the other side of the equation is 20. We move him back into his dorm room this Saturday and both MrsL and I are very anxious about having an empty house. It is been a very short summer with 20 in the house By himself and my travel schedule. However he is so much more mature and ready to take on the real world; probably, because he has learned by watching his older brother make the mistakes he made.

MrsL has mentioned several times the fact that we will be empty nesters after Saturday. We been a family of four for a long long time and are excited to have the house to ourselves: well maybe I am excited and my Wonderful  Wife is both sad and excited. The next few weeks and months will be sad, happy, busy, and ultimately a new adventure. I am certainly looking forward to keeping the blinds closed and being completely naked, except for the Steelheart,most of the time. Stay tuned for lots of interesting post.

2 thoughts on “Sober living and Empty Nesting

  1. So happy 25 is doing well! I have a long time till we’re empty nesters so it’s hard to even imagine. I’m sure it will be bittersweet, but I have no doubt that you and MrsL can keep your minds off of being sad. šŸ˜‰

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