Welcome Home

I’ve been traveling now for 5 weeks straight, leaving early Monday and getting home late Friday, and it is starting to wear on me.  I have two more weeks of this, at a minimum, due to a major issue in one of our Baltimore facilities.  It is quite possible I will be up there all of August and in to September.  Oh, and there is a two to three week trip to China looming on the horizon and potentially France; however, France we may due via video conferences (I don’t like interviewing people via video conference…it is just not the same…but if it means sleeping in my own bed every night…so be it!)

This week was a difficult week from a chastity standpoint.  I developed some swelling and tenderness while wearing the new EvotionWearables cage and had to ask to take it off. I believe I may have had the cage designed with an inside diameter too tight.  In an earlier post I commented on how snug it felt…allowing no movement…etc.  Well, it may actually be a mm or two TOO SNUG.  The way the device traps the head (see below) creates a bit of pressure…and this week that pressure led to swelling of the glans.  At one point the integrated piercing all but disappeared as the glans had swollen so much and trying to pee was uncomfortable.  In addition to that little bit of swelling, I have issues a few times a year with the scar tissue from the vasectomy (there are two tiny little titanium clips on either side of the vas where it was clipped and the body has made a nice little ball of scar tissue around each one).  I am not sure why or what causes the scar tissue to become agitated but it is very annoying.  I have reached out to the folks at Evotion to determine how to made the 1 or 2 mm adjustment.  Then I think it will be perfect.



Two weeks ago…no issues.

MrsL, as always, was very gracious and allowed me to remove it and jokingly said: I will just have to spank you when you get home for taking it off.  Well, I thought she was joking!

I finished everything I needed to do in Detroit mid afternoon Thursday and was able to change my flight to an early Friday departure.  I arrived home at 11:30 and was greeted at the door with a hot lustful kiss then promptly told to strip and go to the garage.  Now, in all fairness, MrsL did not spank me for my body having a bit of swelling…we haven’t had a discipline day in awhile and she just wanted to get caught up.  It was not as severe as the last spanking…still…my ass was red for most of the remainder of the day.  After the spanking…the aftercare…now that was INCREDIBLE!!!

She was still in her pj’s without underwear giving me a gorgeous view of her beautiful curves.  I was still semi hard from the spanking and she used her cock as a lead…guiding me upstairs.  Once at the bed I was forced to my knees and was treated to watching her playfully and teasingly strip out of her pj’s.  Damn that was hot. She then sat on the side of the bed and as she lay back reached out and wrapped her ankles around my neck and pulled my face in to her wet dripping pussy!!!

Normally, she is still and allows me to do all of the work to get her to an orgasm but not today!  Just stick your tongue out…I will take care of this myself…you can flick your tongue bot don’t move your head at all!  Oh, put your hands between the mattress and box springs…don’t want them wandering around.  With that she began a long slow building release.


She rode my tongue and chin grinding, thrusting, and swirling her pussy all over my face all the while keeping me firmly held in place with her ankles behind my head.  She has never…I mean NEVER…pleasured herself (damn Catholic nuns) and when she had the first of 3 strong orgasms from her own doing I nearly shot cum all over the floor.  I had to concentrate and engage every muscle in my core, back, groin, and quads to keep from having an orgasm!  The other two came in rapid succession before her legs relaxed and slid down on to my back.

After a few seconds of recovery she sat up on the bed then took a foot and pushed me back ordering me to stand up.  My hands were a bit tingly from being trapped between the bed so I needed a little help to push up from the floor…that was her shin on my balls applying upward pressure…so I got up rather quickly.  I thought she was finished with me but I was oh so wrong.

Taking the still hard, much to my amazement, cock in her hands I was instructed not to break eye contact.  She stroked and raked her nails along the shaft:

Are you ready to check in to my warm, wet, inviting hotel room?  If so, take out that barbell and slide my cock inside me.  

She laid back on the bed opened her legs wide and placed her ankles on my front shoulders!  As I fumbled trying to remove the ball from the barbell my eyes were fixed on her pussy.  The labia still swollen and exposed from her orgasms…the clit fully engorged and taunting me…her female juices dripping.  I was torn!  I wanted to lick her more but my lizard brain was ready to fuck her!  I got the piecing out, asked for permission to touch her cock to guide it inside, then slowly buried myself inside her.  There is nothing like having your manhood enveloped inside a wonderfully well prepared pussy!!!  As I began a slow, building, rhythmic pace…my eyes closed to enjoy every sensation….I heard:  LOOK AT ME!

You cannot leave anything in my room…understand?  A little play giggle was followed by, And I will tell you when to start, stop, and the pace I want…remember…YOU CANNOT HAVE AN ORGASM!  Slow down.  

Over the next half hour I was made to edge myself 10 times.  MrsL slid her legs down around my waist so she had full access to my body.  She was scratching my chest and sides, pinching and twisting my nipples, and demanding I maintain eye contact the entire time.  She dictated the pace and depth of my thrust…changing every few seconds.  When I was tell her I was close she would splay herself out on the bed removing all contact, except for her pussy muscles, and dare me to have an orgasm.  Clenching her kegels around the shaft when I told her I was close, in conjunction with me clenching every muscle in my body I was surprised I lasted 30 minutes!  It was incredible and even though she was focused on teasing me she had a small orgasm herself with me inside her which nearly sent me over the abyss in to a full orgasm.

Several times the animal in my head was howling at me to just ignore her and fuck her until I blasted cum deep inside her…but…her beautiful blue eyes peering deep in to my soul always sensed what was happening and she would simply say “NO” effectively caging that animal.

When I screamed close the last time she once again used her feet to push me away then simply got up from the bed.  As she was grabbing her pj’s and walking toward the door:

If you are good the rest of the day I might let you check back in to my hotel room tonight…and…might even let you mess it up…MAYBE.  Now get to work!

18 months ago she would have never said or done any of these things.  I absolutely LOVE how she is continually growing in her control over me and the confidence she has to take what she wants from me.  By the way, she did let me “check back in” last night and NO there were no orgasms for me.  As a matter of fact she told me I had to beg her to be denied an orgasm after I had edged myself inside her 10 more times.  Then I was allowed to give her several orgasms with my tongue and fingers!  I am still unlocked because:  I want to be able to get you hard and tease you whenever and however I want all weekend! HELL YEAH!!!

I read an article recently how it is possible for a guy to have multiple orgasms without ever having an ejaculation and shared that article with MrsL.  I am convinced that after yesterday my body experienced several “orgasms” as I had “those” feelings associated with an orgasm.  However, I never once had a full on spurting cum ejaculation.  As we snuggled afterwards last night MrsL asked if I thought I had experienced what the article described and I gleefully responded:  “I think so…and Thank You for denying me the ejaculation…I LOVE YOU!”

Such a wonderful welcome home.

5 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. “a bit of pressure” – Yikes. It looks a bit like a cookie press that has way too much cookie dough and the end is blocked, so dough is coming out any crack it can find. 😁

    Do love the color!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am just about at the same point. The last few times I’ve worn it the swelling had returned with a vengeance. I think MrsL is going to ask me to put it on this week…we will see. It is a shame as the concept is a really good one.


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