Soreness & Swelling

I am not sure what happened this week but I had to FaceTime with MrsL last night and request to remove the EvotionWearables cage. There was some swelling and soreness in the piercing and in the balls. I had some swelling and tenderness around the scar tissue from the vasectomy over the weekend but thought it had cleared up…guess not. Have it separated and tucked away in my carry on…hopefully TSA won’t flag it???

All in all, I like the cage but my body was not cooperating this week. I need to get it figured out soon as I have a two week trip to China looming on the horizon.

I’m working on the side by side comparison of the EvotionWearables cage and the Steelheart. I am shooting for this weekend to get it published! 

On a family note: 25 is being discharged from his residential program Thursday and moving into a sober living house back near us. Excited and petrified at the same time.  His life is his life and all I can do is be a support mechanism for him now! 

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