The Weekend…continued

Part 2

MrsL informing me to remain unlocked was a harbinger for things to come throughout the remainder of the weekend. Since 20 was at work I, of course, was naked giving her free access to do whatever she pleased…whenever she pleased.  All throughout the remainder of the morning her mission was to keep me just on the verge of an orgasm.  

After breakfast while doing the dishes, MrsL walks up behind me and rakes her fingernails down my back sending an instant surge of blood running to the still sensitive bruised penis.  A second raking of her nails back up my back had the penis standing at attention, throbbing for attention.  She gleefully obliged reaching around and lightly stroking the rigid penis with one hand while brutally pinching/twisting my left nipple.  I was squirming and on my tip toes fighting the dual sensations of pain/pleasure.  As I muttered “close” she stroked a few more times and sunk her teeth in to the back of my neck before stopping all stimulation and walking away laughing.  

About a half hour later, as I was bent over sorting laundry, I felt those wonderfully soft hands caressing my ass.  I went to stand up and was told to stay bent over receiving a sharp slap on my ass.  Being bent over gave MrsL unique access to the penis and balls.  She wrapped on hand around my balls and started pulling them away from my body ensuring I stayed bent over.  She took my already stiffening cock in her other hand to begin milking me.  Varying her grip, pace, and tension on my balls, MrsL had me begging to cum in in short order.  When I started begging to cum, MrsL leaned in and sunk her teeth on my ass cheeks, one at a time. Just as I thought she was going to finally say yes she stopped and walked out of the laundry room.  I was left a stiff, leaking, whimpering mess!

Once I got the laundry going I went to look for MrsL.  She had disappeared upstairs.  As I entered to room I was greeted by her standing in the middle of the room with the butt plug in her hand.  

We are going shopping.

She walked over grabbing me by the balls and led me to the bed where I was told the lay down and get ready.  Since we haven’t had any ass play in awhile I wasn’t sure how easily my body would accept the plug.  Moments later I was plugged and told to get dressed. While shopping, MrsL and I had some a lot of fun with playful double entendres.  The best one was when she commented on stuffing me like a Thanksgiving turkey while walking through the frozen meat section.  I replied “you mean more than I am stuffed now” a little louder than I thought as the lady in front of us stopped, turned around, and then smiling at us both walked away.  Oops…did she hear that??? Probably!

The day faded to night with the teasing and denial on full tilt.  She had fun and I was horny as ever…even with having three orgasm that morning.  

That night, she insisted I was still off limits so we fell asleep holding each other: her gripping her cock and me hugging her into me.  So INTIMATE!!

Sunday we had to pick up 25.  He road to the next town over with another client from his treatment facility.  He was on a day trip for a family reunion and offered to bring him over.  We met him and found out he has been playing Pokemon Go.  Yet again, seeing him so happy with such a little/simple thing made me happy.  We went and had brunch then met with the director of the sober living facility.  Great visit which gave me a sense of comfort.  He is just now truly starting on his path but knowing the residence he will be in gave me comfort.  When we got home it was all about family time: cooking and grilling.  We felt whole!

When he left for his meeting I packed for my trip so after he got home at 9:45 I headed off to bed where the weekend came to a glorious ending a few hours later.

MrsL and 25 sat up and binge watched Pretty Little Liars which ended around 1.  I woke up to her licking the length of my rigid cock…AWESOME!  After sucking me to yet another trip to the edge of an orgasm which had me whimpering “close” in ever more intense tones she muttered that one WONDERFUL wor…Yes!  As my body began to tense, the tinkling in my thighs morphed into my body beginning to convulse a little….THEN….NOTHING! MrsL had stoopped everything and rolled over to watch my cock jump around while I humped air…to no avail. The end result a perfectly fabulously RUINED orgasm!

As I reeled from the ruined orgasm she curled up on my chest and drifted off to sleep.  At some point I started massaging her breast which evolved to heavy petting and ultimately her allowing me to finally give her a series of body rocking screaming orgasms. She used her pillow to muffle the screams…so sexy!  I thanked her for allowing me to make her happy then climbed in bed beside her.

As she drifted off to sleep again she told me I could wear the purple cage only and forgo the base ring since the bruising was still painful. 

All in all, this weekend was fantastic.  I can’t wait for this weekend !

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