The Weekend that was…

Part 1

MrsL and I have had some incredible days, nights, and weekends over our 27 years of marriage. This past weekend was truly the weekend that was: sexy, erotic, challenging, scary, and rewarding. I apologize now for the wordiness of this post and be warned it is not all about chastity and kink. 

Let’s start with the non kinky weekend that was first. 

It is getting down to the last few days for 25 in his safe cocooned away from the real world treatment center. I must admit that MrsL and I are very worried and nervous about him leaving there. However, we know and understand this is a crucial step for him. It is just he has done a complete 180 degree turn on his aftercare plan!

For the past 10 weeks we were operating under the belief he would move in to a sober living house somewhere other than back near us and all of the people, places, and things he knew as an addict. As I wrote about last week, briefly, he now is obsessed with going back to finish his degree back at the school he transferred to 2 years ago. That SCARES us completely. I guess going to Nar Anon Family Group meetings have had a positive impact on my peace of mind. I am scared but I am accepting that this is his recovery and all I can do is be there to offer my moral support. 

So he is at home for a few days on an “extended therapeutic leave” to hammer out all of the details. We went with him to the sober living program he wants to move into next week and was pleasantly surprised. I left there with a new found peace of mind that he is taking this seriously. One of the men living in this sober living program is an “alum” of 25’s treatment center. The treatment center offers a “relapse prevention therapy week” and this guy had done his three weeks ago and met 25. This guy said something to us and the soon to be director (let’s calm him Bear because he is a mountain of a man with a full beard, a certified licensed addiction counselor, and the heart of a teddy bear) of the program here about 25 as we left that made my heart happy. He told Bear that he would only stay if 25 was put in his apartment because of all the men he met three weeks ago 25 was by far the most serious about his recovery! I nearly broke down right there hearing that statement! 

Then last night, with much trepidation, MrsL took him to meet the young lady who had been supplying his heroin last summer, before she got arrested and spent 3 months in jail for a 3rd shoplifting arrest, and had been “clean” for 10 months. We will call her Alex. They were going to go to a young adult NA meeting  and Alex was then going to bring him home. I was petrified until 25 and Alex walked in the door. I have never seen two people more excited about sobriety and meeting like minded people. 25 said they were late because he and Alex had every intention of scurrying right out the door as soon as the meeting was over; however, they were each surrounded by guys and girls respectively and welcomed to the group officially. 25 met three guys going to his university that have offered to get him to/from campus and be his support (not sponsor) but sober friends. Alex met several young women who did the same. So I slept much better last night. It is still going to be a long road but I know he is on the right path. Oh, and even Bear told MrsL and I that he should find a meeting close to his sober living apartment and this one is close.

He and MrsL have more appointments today at his school and a Relapse Prevention Program before she takes him back for his last week on Wednesday. 

The weekend was challenging in that my Dad called distraught because he had to read in the local paper my younger brother had been arrested for driving without a license (which means he has already been convicted of a dui) and possession. Apparently he is using meth! I’ve long since detached from my sister and brother because they are both dead beats. After Mom died my sister started seeing a woman that got her mixed up in pills and doctor shopping and my brother had steadily became a lazy unmotivated slug. Both have been leaching off of Dad and he had finally cut them off completely. To hear my Dad upset because of those two angers me to no end. I’m just glad he cut them off.  

20 is doing great. He is getting an intro into management at his pool that will serve him well in his young career. Oh, and lots of overtime!

Okay, now for the salacious times in between everything else. 

So as I posted Saturday morning, MrsL gave me some pretty specific instructions for when I woke up Satuday and I followed them without exception. I’ve written about the magic bullet shot a few times as it is awesome…with one exception…if you hit a vein! Not painful but the medicine which intended to be intermuscular goes into the blood stream and is nowhere near as effective. Oh and there is the little issue of blood rushing to that area. It leaves a nasty bruise that is still there today. Needless to say, MrsL still got what she wanted and boy was it different that what I thought!

Even with applying the shot incorrectly, MrsL still had over an hour to implement her devious little plan. She allowed me inside her warm wet pussy the forbade me to move. She milked her cock with her vaginal muscles.  Holy crap it was erotic! Every time I whimpered I was close to having an orgasm she would stop flexing while demanding I look at her without breaking eye contact and reminding me I was not allowed to cum. She did this 5 or 6 times before she pushed me off of her, tied me to the bed, then sucked and stroked me to three orgasms. I have never been so hypersensitive. 

The first orgasm was pure ecstasy. The second orgasm was sensory overload. Bucking and thrashing against the restraints was all I could manage as she stroked and giggled the entire time. (Oh and did I mention the nasty bruising effect of screwing up the location of the shot…I felt it every stroke)! 

After taking a quick break to capture the cum pooling all over my chest so I could lick her hands clean she went for the third time . The third orgasm was, and I thought I would never say this, torturous! Three orgasms in less than about 10 minutes is a record. As she watched what little ejaculate remaining in my body oozed from her semi hard cock she commented: I think I like using the shot like this! Moments later I was untied and begging to give her orgasms and was denied. 

Nope, I need to know you really want me…plus…we have things to do. You can stay unlocked as I might want to play with my cock some more today.

Thinking back on the it was the absolute bliss. The look on her face as she was draining my balls the third time was addicting. A great kind of addiction! 

Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend that was.

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