A great morning

Part 1

So, one of the reasons I was so tempted last week was I had an appointment with my doctor for more of these little gems: The Magic Bullet Shot. They always give a test dose to ensure the blend of meds is still right. Obviously it left me horny so I put on the Steelheart.

Since I was out of town when they came in MrsL surprised me and picked them up the other day. 

Last night as she was enjoying teasing and torturing me she whispered in my ear: 

After 20 leaves for work…take off my cage, clean up, and give yourself a shot then come back to bed and wake me up.

She promptly rolled to the side of the bed and put my face between her legs and was screaming into her pillow from orgasms…can’t wake up the house.

20 just left and I am going back upstairs! It is going to be a great morning!  Maybe this is my reward for not giving in to temptation!!!

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