Travel chastity is back

A quick update on 25: we met with him and his counselor yesterday to discuss next steps / aftercare. It was frustrating and encouraging. After 6 weeks of stating he knew he couldn’t come home…he had shifted gears…even on his counselor…and thought he was ready to come home and go back to finish his degree this fall. We, no I, had to put my foot down and say we wanted him in a safe place and home isn’t it! Painful but we all understand, I think. Stay tuned! He is 60 days clean, TODAY!

Having been apart for an entire week, MrsL and I were both extremely horny Saturday night. As soon as 20 went to bed she and I trotted off upstairs and I treated her to a body massage and about half a dozen strong rolling orgasms. She fell asleep almost immediately when we snuggled up to each other. 

Sunday was uneventful except for lots of playful teasing. The Steelheart was fully engaged all day long. 

Yesterday was pure frustrating magic! 

After I had showered and got the Steelheart clean and lubed for the day, MrsL walks up to me kissing me deeply and massaging my steel encased erection. Why don’t you take this off for the day? she asked while tapping on the steel. 

I nearly blew it! I asked “really can I?” Almost a big mistake. But after some whiny begging she let me off the hook and grabbed her key and unlocked me. The 2 hour drive to 25’s facility was 2 hours of constant teasing…even taking her toy out and stroking it while I was driving. We’ve done that before even to an orgasm for me…but not yesterday. Horny! Frustrated! HAPPY!!!

When we got home, 20 was still at work so I immediately stripped when I walked in the house. This gave MrsL ample opportunity to continue her teasing. To say I was horny would be a massive understatement. I mean it had only been 11 days since my last orgasm…! Oh and I forgot to mention the EvotionWearables cage came in the mail so that had me amped up as well.

I had forgotten to stop at Target on the way home for some travel supplies so I threw on some clothes and invited MrsL to join me. As she walked by she stopped and kissed me deeply then asked: do we have to go right this minute?  I shook my head and she grabbed HER  stiff cock inside my shorts and led me upstairs.

She allowed me to undress her the she forcefully ripped my clothes off. As I went to caress her nakedness she grabbed each wrist and put my hands behind my back. Don’t move your hands!”

For the next half hour she kissed, chewed, and sucked on my neck, nipples, and HER cock. At some point she reached around and put my hands on her hips. I was so lost in the teasing I didn’t even notice!

As I was starting to move my hands up to her breast, she pushed me away and laid down on the bed spreading her legs wide!  YES!!! 

After motioning me to her beautiful body she again grabbed HER  cock and placed the head just inside her warm wet inviting pussy. She wrapped her legs around my hips and basically drove herself onto my shaft! She arched up and back several times before lying perfectly still and grinned. That smile! I began (call me sappy) making LOVE to my wife. Gazing in her deep blue eyes as she shook her head yes was mesmerizing. I increased my pace and was shuddering with a powerful orgasm in moments. The whole time we were just looking at each other. So damn hot!

HER cock contracted 4 or 5 times depositing a massive amount of cum inside her. With each contraction she flexed her vaginal walls squeezing the cock. I have felt her do that before but never that strongly. I grunted and she smiled. 

When I was beginning to relax she pulled my eyes back to hers: “Don’t you dare waste that!”

I haven’t had to clean up a load that big in awhile. My cum mixed with her female juices was intoxicatingly awesome. 

The trip to Target was so much more fun! I was high from that experience for hours! 

Once we got home, I packed and went to bed unlocked with instructions to put on the EvotionWearables cage before I left. 

I will pen a full review later. In short it is comfortable but different. 

Tonight should be interesting! Stay tuned!!

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