His Admission

With MrsL out of town I have a little time to write.  I hope you enjoy.

Lying in bed together their naked bodies, except for his Steelheart,  intertwined was always a comforting and warm place for him.  He had long ago surrendered control of his orgasms to his wife.  She had timidly agreed at first but very quickly learned denying him made her life much more enjoyable.  Over the past two years, she had developed in to a fantastic sexually dominant Wife.  They had always been a little kinky adding bondage, anal play, and cock & ball torture to their sessions.  However, she never developed a real affinity for really hurting him.

She also knew that deep down he wanted to admit he was bisexual and had a deep desire to be completely and totally dominated by a man of her choosing.  Tonight she was going to coax that admission out of him!

Relax and tell me your deepest fantasy.  I may or…..may not agree to participate.  If I choose to not participate, I may or…may not let you fulfill it with someone else.  His heart raced with anticipation.

She got up and slowly sashayed toward their closet where their toys were located.  She made certain every move she made was seductive.  As she emerged from the closet she knew her plan was working.  His Steelheart was pushed away from his body trapping the erection inside the steel.

Isn’t that just lovely….you are already excited.  However, I am just getting warmed up.  

In her hands she had the bondage cuffs for the straps under the bed and the mask.  She playfully cinched down his right wrist and ankle before crawling over his body, holding her erect nipples just out of reach of his mouth while grinding her swollen clit on the Steelheart, before completing her mission of rendering him immobile.

Can I tell you now, Princess….please?  She giggled.  There hadn’t even been the first touch, nibble, or kiss and he thought he was ready.

Of course not…and ruin my fun.  Just relax, as you always do, trust your Princess.  

With that she blindfolded him and after trailing a finger down his chest unlocked the Steelheart.  She left the base ring in place to magnify the effect of his erection.

Now, I am going to play with my cock and balls while you tell me your deepest darkest fantasy…okay? 

Yes, Princess.  

Warm oil slicked fingers ran down his chest causing him to gasp for a second.  She took her time massaging his pectorals.  She kneaded his abdomen grazing fingers over the tender region between his stomach and the base ring.  She stood up for a second admiring his rigid cock, veins bulging from the effect of the base ring, and thought out loud:  I wonder what my knight’s dirty little mind is thinking right now.  Do tell me!

Taking a deep breath, he started rambling about going on a week long vacation to the mountain cabin and showering her with all of the attention she wanted…..

Stop…you talk about that all the time…and we will do that one.  She reached out and very lightly ran a single finger from the PA jewelry right under the head down to his balls.  I want to know your deepest fantasy…but wait.

One finger became two then three then she completed her grip around his pulsing shaft.  While she raked her freshly manicured fingernails up the inside of his left thigh she started a very minuscule stroking action.

He moaned deeply followed by, Please Princess…I am ready to tell you my deepest fantasy.

No, I don’t think you are ready.  I will know when you are beyond all attempts at concealing it from me.  

Gripping the shaft tightly she leaned down and took the swollen head in her mouth flicking the curved barbell in his PA back and forth.  There was a quick gasp for breath coupled with him arching up to her mouth. She knew he was trying to get more of his aching cock in her mouth and a quick squeeze with her nails into his tender man flesh was all she needed to get him to lay still.  Taking the head in her mouth, sucking in deeply, then popping it out of her mouth had him whimpering for relief.  So, tell me again what is your deepest fantasy.

His ramblings this time centered on being blindfolded and on display for her female friends for an evening of fun.  Again, she was not satisfied with his answer and changed the rules. Gripping his balls in her hand she leaned in to whisper in his ear creating a nice long pull on his already painful balls.

I am going to edge my swollen aching to cum cock 10 times for you telling me something we have already discussed.  The next time I ask you to tell me your deepest fantasy and you tell me something I already know…I will lock you back in my Steelheart and never ask again.  Am I clear!

Through gritted teeth and sweat beading up all over his body from the ball crushing, Yes, Princess….I promise Princess….no more…..

SSSSHHHHH.  Don’t say another word until I ask you your deepest fantasy.

She alternated between sucking, stroking, and chewing on his stiff cock.  She was pleased with the teeth marks developing on the shaft.  Each pause between taking him right to the edge of an orgasm grew shorter and shorter to the point where she admonished him about not having permission to cum.  As his cock was still twitching and oozing little streams of cum she finally told him he could now speak his deepest fantasy.

Princess, I believe you have figured this out but I think I am bisexual.  I am positive I could never be emotionally attached to another man.

He took a deep breath and stuttered a bit as she had started stroking his cock again.

My deepest fantasy is you cuckolding me with a hot young stud….another deep breath…and after you are sexually sated…a long pause followed by another huge deep breath…and after you have me clean all of his cum out of you…you leave the room and let him play with me any way he wants….that is it…Princess…I swear….that is my dee…

A finger placed over his mouth quickly shut him up.  She returned her attention to his cock and began stroking him rapidly and with a simple YES sent him over the edge.

That feeling began as a little tingle followed quickly by an electric jolt.  In his loins, he was clenching with all of he had to not have an orgasm but wasn’t sure he could last much longer…then he heard YES.

She laughed as his ejaculation shot all the way to the headboard.  Pulse after pulse of cum shot from his cock for what seemed like an eternity.

As she gathered as much of his cum as she could in one hand she reached behind his head and released the blindfold and let him begin cleaning her hand.

See that wasn’t so hard to do now was it?  He greedily sucked on her fingers and smiled.

You see, I knew what your deepest fantasy was and realized you were never going to tell me so I took matters in my own hands…in a way.  We will begin looking for the right man.  We both have to agree on him and will set some ground rules.  But right now, I need some attention.  

He had been so lost in her words he never realized he had been released from the restraints.  She grabbed a handful of hair and slammed his face on to her wet pussy.  He eagerly and passionately licked, nibbled, and sucked her to several body arching screaming orgasms before she pulled him up on the bed.  As they lay there intertwined again:

This is going to take some time but I am ready to cuckold you.  However, at the first sign of jealousy, anger, or withdrawal it all ends.  If you don’t like the guy…he is out.  I LOVE YOU now let’s get some sleep.  We have to start searching for my hot young stud tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “His Admission

  1. I admit I’m curious about men and cuckolding and what drives that need. This was yet another hot read, you certainly have a flair for storytelling. It fascinates me, how her timidity has turned to this ability to torment him, not doubting that he wants it from her. Just blindingly fun stuff to read.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. You can’t give it because your caged? Or is the implication that she needs more than you could ever give? Or is it just your interest in seeing her receive pleasure that drives you?


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