Catching Up

With all of the craziness in our life’s the past month or so it had been difficult to write about anything other than the addiction / rehab / recovery going on in our lives. However, the kinky side of MrsL and me has kept right on through out. A couple of recent post have spurred me to pin this sitting here in the lounge at the airport.

On the chastity front, I am pleased to confirm MrsL is still in full control. With all of my travel recently and my reluctance to run the risk of having the Steelheart dumped on the counter at the TSA checkpoint I have been unlocked a lot. That fact always seems to ramp up MrsL’s teasing. For example, Friday afternoon I had a VA appointment for my knee. Knowing the VA I fully expected and was given an x-ray upon check in…thankfully…I had been unlocked before leaving the house. As I was walking out, MrsL stopped me in the kitchen and fondled, stroked, and sucked me to the brink TWICE before coldly zipping up my pants and with a big grin says: I hope that goes down before you get there then walks away. I was horny and hard for the entire 40 minute ride.

She is still getting her sexual needs met: morning and evening, most days. Obviously not this week as I get home Wednesday night and she leaves Wednesday morning for her annual sales conference. Let’s just say she banked about 2 dozen orgasms over the past 48 hours! 

I will probably be out of the Steelheart until the EvotionWearables cage shows up next week. A couple of weeks back while unlocked for travel, I easily gauged up to a 4 ga ring. I love the extra weight when unlocked. However, I didn’t take into account the larger balls on the end of the ring! Needless to say after the recent full week I was feeling some discomfort. The tube was ordered without allowing additional space. Since the ball of the ring could not fit through the pee slot any erection forced the ring back into the head! OUCH!!  MrsL recommended feeding the ring through the piercing from the outside once healed. That should be fun??? However, that EvotionWearables cage with integrated 4 ga PA is due next week. I can’t wait. I will pen a full review and comparison to the Steelheart after a few weeks of wear!

I got an email from Karma Tantric with an offer to write a story for them and get paid; however, my story has to contain a link back to their site. I’m not sure what to think about the request and am a bit leery. The website is real and has good stories; however, being in the security field I am being cautious.  Anyone else ever heard of this site or been asked to write for them? I do love writing!

Drew and Domina Jen both wrote about bisexuality over the past couple of days. I have written about my experiences in college and my attraction to men, still to this day, on here before. I don’t know what got into me on the way home last Sunday after our session at 25’s rehab but I brought up the subject with MrsL. I remember seeing a post from Thumper a month or so with a scale for sexuality and me landing solidly in the bisexual range. We were talking about something relating to sex and I took the opportunity to bring up the study. I did a horrible job of explaining it but ultimately told her the way I answered the questions in the study indicated I was bisexual. She just looked at me sitting in silence. We have not broached the subject again and there has been no let down in out one sexual escapades. I love gay and bisexual porn. Would I ever want to have another sexual experience with a guy: probably?! Will it ever happen: probably not. 
Any way, 25 is doing good. I am worried about the HARM letters we had to write to him. He is in a safe place to process them so I hope they bring some closure. We have to go back up there next Monday for a full 4 hour session with him and his counselor. Stay tuned. Oh, and since I rarely mention him on here, 20 is having a great summer. He is an Assistant Manager / Life Guard at a pool making good money. His roommate from last fall who got suspended for grades got back in school for this fall and they are going to room together again. He is excited as they have become best friends. 

So, gotta leave the sanctuary of the lounge to catch my flight. Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I’ve never heard of Karma Tantric before, and a Google search brings up a massage parlor in London. Interesting…. I can understand you being leery. I’m glad things seem to be going well with 25 and 20, and that things in the kinky world are still going well!

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