A great morning

Part 1 So, one of the reasons I was so tempted last week was I had an appointment with my doctor for more of these little gems: The Magic Bullet Shot. They always give a test dose to ensure the blend of meds is still right. Obviously it left me horny so I put on … More A great morning


This will not be the full review but I thought it would be good to give a little update on my first few days in the new cage. I had originally posted these as polymer but it is 3D printed nylon. You can get the full description at their website. I am going to be … More EvotionWearables 


So what does one do when his wonderful Wife is out of town, he is unlocked from business travel, and finds himself very horny stroking himself?  I don’t know about anyone else but I realized what was happening and grabbed a bag full of ice to calm things down. I got out the Steelheart and … More Tempted

His Admission

With MrsL out of town I have a little time to write.  I hope you enjoy. Lying in bed together their naked bodies, except for his Steelheart,  intertwined was always a comforting and warm place for him.  He had long ago surrendered control of his orgasms to his wife.  She had timidly agreed at first but … More His Admission

Catching Up

With all of the craziness in our life’s the past month or so it had been difficult to write about anything other than the addiction / rehab / recovery going on in our lives. However, the kinky side of MrsL and me has kept right on through out. A couple of recent post have spurred … More Catching Up

A new beginning

Hello my name is (insert 25’s name here) and I am a drug addict. I have done some very difficult things in my life: putting MrsL and 25 on a plane from Germany to the US 1 month after he was born and getting on a military transport two days later headed for Desert Shield/Storm, … More A new beginning