Rope and Ruined Orgasm

After a week away from MrsL, I was hopped up and horny as brass band when I got home. 20 had yet to leave for work so I was even more frustrated that I had to wait for him to leave to  go full on CFNM! When he finally left, I was never happier…okay…that is a stretch…but I was one happy guy!  Oh and I am still unlocked at this point…she whispered in my ear at one point her intention to tease me all weekend!

MrsL had been on a serious empty nest cleaning and rearranging kick all week and was finishing up 25’s room for most of the afternoon. She had gone downstairs at one point and came back up after the phone rang…it was 25 with his twice a week call / update. BTW, he did get stepped down this week and is progressing day by day. We have our rescheduled family counseling this weekend…going to be tough but good!

From the time I got home until the point we got off of the phone with 25, there was something about MrsL driving me absolutely bonkers! Sitting there on the floor at her feet I could no longer resist her. She initially protested that she needed a shower and was “too sweaty” but damn she was IRRESISTIBLE!   She received several orgasms right there on the futon in my office from my tongue!  I guess the pheromones her body was producing were intoxicatingly exotic! She had not moaned and screamed like that ever!!!  Afterwards she launched her weekend of teasing!  We both showered and went out to dinner then I crashed early, with her permission.

Saturday was uneventful because MrsL invoked the “I’m off limits” rule furthering her masterful teasing. 

The came Sunday!

20 left for work at 2:45. Moments later I was naked and asked if she was ready for her shave and bubble bath. A wide full face grin confirmed her eagerness for my attention. The next 3 hours were pure magic!

Just before I started shaving her, she asked me to go get the Knaughty Knot book I bought for her last year. We have talked about rope play but it always got put to the side.  You ready to be my test subject?  I  started getting an erection almost instantly and she said: You don’t have to say anything …my cock just gave me the answer.

An hour later, after I shaved and bathed her then she soaked for a long time after sending me to time out, she came in to retrieve me from the closet.  Let’s practice.

I guess I let my fantasies get the best of me because I bought hemp rope which the book says is for experts.  Luckily I had also bought a 50′ so we cut that in to two 5′ segments, two 10′ segments, and a 20′ segment.  MrsL has never worked with knots, nor I, so it was fun to explore.  Her biggest complaint was the examples in the book I bought are horrible. (Anybody have any good recommendations for books/examples?  I suggested we could find her a local “trainer” which got me a stern look. Maybe we can come to Vegas during one of those S&M shows for some training???)

She practiced with single limb knots, two limb knots, and a knot that let her trap my arms to my sides.  As she cinched that one in place she smiled this evil little grin.  Before I knew what happened, I was on my back on the bed.  Ah, I can tell how much this is exciting you…there is so much precum oozing …let’s see if I can fix that for us.  She teased me with her breast, rubbing them all over my body and just out of reach of my mouth for a few minutes reminding me I couldn’t touch her.  Frustrating doens’t even fit!  Then she turned her attention to more rope work.

One of the 5′ segments was artfully laced around the cock and balls leaving only the head exposed on the shaft and my balls aching, a good ache.  I looked down to see the balls separated in a figure 8 pattern then lay back as she started gently tapping each one.  I was taken to the edge so many times I lost count…every drop of precum was collected on her fingers and placed in my mouth.  She finally untied me and crawled up straddling my body.  It’s time for dinner. We will practice again soon. She got up threw on some pj’s and walked out of the room.

As if that wasn’t enough, when she came to bed last night we cuddled and she started stroking my rapidly stiffening cock.  She leaned over and whispered in my ear: Do you want to cum inside me…and rolled over and opened her legs.  I had the newly expanded 4 gauge curved Babel out and was sliding inside her warm, wet, and inviting pussy in seconds.  Of course, since it had been 28 days since my last orgasm I was sure I wouldn’t last long.  I buried my manhood deep inside her and was welcomed with her gripping and massaging me with her vaginal muscles.  It was heaven!  Don’t you dare have an orgasm until I say you can…!


I growled a little and she closed her eyes and tilted her head back exposing her neck which I gleefully nibbled on trying to find rhythm that would let me last longer.  As the tingling began in my toes I let out a whimper of a “please.” I had to pull completely out of her as she toyed with me: Do you really wants to…let me hear you beg…!



I could feel the orgasm…it was right there…and I slammed back inside her…she said “Nope, I changed my mind…STOP! 

I clenched every muscle in my body and whimpered again as I pulled out of her. She reached down took the twitching cock in her hand and pulled me up on top of her until the cock was between her breast.  Then it happened:  no massive euphoria, no massive surge of ejaculate, no orgasm…well…a spoiled orgasm all over her breast and neck.  

Clean me up.  I relished in being able to kiss and lick her breast until she was clean then started kissing down her body. 

I did not say you could go down there!   I growled and then whined begging to please allow me to give her an orgasm.

No, I am not going to let you give me an orgasm until after I give you one deep inside me.  Until then I am off limits.  I will decide tomorrow morning if I will put you back in my Steelheart.  Good night. 

I cuddle in next to her and we fell asleep.   Oh, I am still unlocked and on the honor system.  I can’t wait to get home!

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