The Hammer

Walking in to the house after a long day all he wanted to do was strip out of his clothes, have a glass of red wine, and read.  He had dropped his Wife at the airport this morning for her business trip so he didn’t think anything was amiss with her car still in the garage.  As always he was locked in her Steelheart and the emergency key was safely put away in an envelope sealed with her kiss inside their safe.  He dropped the Mail on the counter and mindlessly headed up the stairs.

As he topped the stairs an overwhelming foreboding caused the hair on his neck to stand up.  There were lights on in their room and soft music playing.  He had already removed everything except his briefs and started to put things back on when he heard her:

What to. You think you are doing?  Standing there in a bright red leather bustier that accentuated her ample bosom matched with red fishnet stockings, white lace ankle socks, and 3″ stiletto heels was his Wife.  The key to the Steelheart nestled in the crease of her breast glistening like freshly fallen snow in the sunlight.  The Steelheart was very efficiently and brutally doing its job.

Why do you still have clothes on?

Princess, I thought you were out of town…

SSSHHH!  Why do you still have clothes on?  Drop your clothes finish stripping and go back to the garage.  I guess I need to remind you of the rules.

Yes, Princess…but how…

I told you to be QUIET and to go to the garage.  

Sheepishly but quickly the briefs were removed being placed on the floor beside his other clothes.  Moments later he was kneeling on the hard concrete floor of the garage head bowed with her crop evenly placed in his uplifted hands.  The sound of heels confidently striding through the hardwood then on to the ceramic tiles in the kitchen made his heart race.  He was struggling to fight back an orgasm as his mind raced:  How did she pull this off? What does she have planned?  Don’t cum…..

The spanking was unlike anything She had ever administered. She ordered him to count out loud and if she wasn’t satisfied with the pace and volume of his reply She went back to zero.  When it ended, there had been 60 lashes in the final spanking…not including the 5 times She went back to zero after 4 or 5.  He knew he would feel that for days and was honored to carry her marks.

Do we remember the rules?  Don’t speak just answer.  He shook his head yes as demonstrably as he could.

Now we can start.  Oh, I am glad I am still able to completely surprise you.  I never had a business trip and have been planning this for weeks.  Tonight you are going to experience the hammer.

She reached down and took the Steelheart in her hand and began leading him back upstairs.  

Once in their room, She took rope and began anchoring his arms to his body.  His arms were bent at the elbow and pulled slightly behind his back, rope was ran between the elbow across the back through the opposite elbow several times before the two ends were brought up over the shoulders and tied off around his wrist.  Is anything too tight?  Rope was new for them so She was going to ask often.  

Moving him to the center of their room she took a few minutes to admire her rope work as well as let him enjoy the view then she walked in to the closet.  As she emerged, his heart raced at what he saw.  She had somehow purchased a device called the impaler:  a spreader bar secured the ankles with an adjustable t-bar jutting up from the middle of the bar.  Attached to the middle bar was a monster dildo…one he had never seen or experienced.  He could feel his eyes popping out their sockets eliciting a hardy laugh from his Wife.

Once you are properly immobile, I will introduce you to the hammer. I bet you thought my new 12″ dildo was the hammer but you are wrong.  This is not the hammer.  Oh, I hope you are still clean from our ass play last night.  After his ankles were restrained as wide as the bar would allow She began working the dildo in his ass.  After the pounding the night before he was pleasantly surprised at how comfortably the head slid past his hole.  That feeling vanished quickly!

With each click of the bar up one level he could feel his ass stretching, could feel every wrinkle in the silicone cock, felt as if he was being impaled.  That’s good…how much do you think you have taken…well…you still have a full 10″ left…HEHEHE!

A full length mirror was brought and placed in front of him quickly followed by an adjustable work bench.  

How long has it been since you had an orgasm?  You know I don’t count but I KNOW you do.

120 days, Princess.

I think that is long enough….don’t you?  He knew that was a trap and his answer was always the same: It is not my decision, Princess.   

She smiled as she playfully unlocked her Steelheart, inserted another 4″ of the dildo up his ass,  then left the room, leaving him to stare at himself in the mirror.

She knew he had been overly charged up and needed a few minutes to recover…and she needed some more wine.  

Walking back in the room 20 minutes later, She stood and admired her work from behind.  His head was down eyes closed deep in thought.  Little rivulets of sweat were trailing down his back making the redness in his ass from the spanking more erotic. She was very proud of Her surprise…now to finish.  

Dragging her fingernails from just below his elbows down over his still tender ass jolted him back to reality.  Sliding the remaining 6″ of the new dildo up his ass forced an audible moan and the beginnings of an erection.

Ready for the hammer…I know I am. With her heels her breast were at face level so she made it a point to tease him by holding them just out of reach of his mouth as she moved the work bench directly under his balls. She picked up his balls and made sure they were positioned in the middle of the bench.

I am going to stroke my cock until you cum…and each stroke will end with My Hand hammering my balls in to the bench.  Are you ready?  

Yes, Princess. Thank You.. 

Oh, I almost forgot something.  She pulled her favorite blue clamps and artfully attached one to each nipple sending a surge to his cock.

Now, do not break eye contact until I allow you to cum.

Taking the shaft in one hand she playfully tapped on his balls with the other for a few minutes before beginning to slowly stroke and hammer his balls.

Initially, he was completely enjoying the sensation and Her slow light pace. That didn’t last long.  Each time Her hand went up the pace and firmness of the downstroke both increased in intensity.  Between the fullness of the dildo pressing against his prostate, the speed of her strokes,  and the building pain in his balls he was finding difficult to not close his eyes or look away but the smile on her face kep him locked in to her.   As he started to moan deeply…She stopped causing him to growl. 

As his cock began to lose its firmness she reminded him to not break eye contact and began the slow build up again until he he was moaning when she would stop.  This pattern repeated itself 3 more times before She ultimately sent over the edge into mind blowing orgasm.  With each spasm of his cock his ass gripped the dildo maximizing the pleasure of the orgasm. 

As she fed him his cum,  You are going back in my Steelheart before I untie you then I will let you use the masterful tongue to make me scream. That will probably be your last orgasm this year….and yes I know it is only June… 

He just smiled as he licked her fingers.  

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