Another Monday

Sitting here in the Admiral’s Club bright and early waiting on my flight up to Buckeye land. 

We had a really good visit 25 yesterday and it appears his “primary” care team believes he is ready to move to the first step down level. He will still be at the facility but will be in a house with up to 12 other men. Even though he is “young” enough to be in the young men’s program they are moving him in to the older mens program. I think that is the best place for him because he says some of the teens/early 20ish guys privately talk about going right back to using when they get out.  I am so proud of his progress but know he still has a long way to go…and we will be right there with him the entire way!

MrsL gave me two Father’s Day treats yesterday. First, she ordered the Evotion Wearables travel cage. Well, she told me to order it. When I asked her what color she wanted it she initially said pink, which of course I would have happily ordered and wore, but before I hit submit told me to order it in purple. It should take 4-5 weeks to arrive. I will try to delay my trip to China until it arrives!!! 

Then when she came to bed last night she edged me 5 times each time closer to an orgasm than the prior. As the penis twitched and “danced” (her term) each time she stopped I was told sternly You are not allowed to cum! After the last one, she commented on just how much precum had been produced as she painstakingly ensured she squeezed every last drop out on to my stomach the swirled it on her fingers for me to lick clean. I was then rewarded with her pinning my head between her legs and told to not stop until she told me to! Six orgasms and multiple positions later she pulled me up beside her and curled up on my chest, holding my cock and balls in her hand! Just awesome!

I left her another hand written love letter on my pillow as I left this morning. She loves them!  I will crave her touch all week!!

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