Scenes from the bar

Last night, as usual when on the road, I had s late dinner. I typically find a seat at the bar as I don’t want to tie up a table and the conversation and people watching is better. Last night was no different.

The most striking scene from last night was this young mid-20’s couple who came in and sat at bar as well. At first I thought they were already married until I noticed only a huge engagement ring on her finger. As I watched them I couldn’t help but think how much she already needed to lock him up in chastity! I know it is not my place to judge…but all of the signs were already there.

He very seldom looked at her and only touched her when trying to get her attention away from her phone. She looked miserable sitting at the bar in this restaurant and was definitely more concerned about her phone. 

They were both gorgeous and fit. He was a chiseled chin, baby faced, dirty blond stud. When he got up to head to the men’s room his substantial cock was clearly outlined within his linen shorts. She wore a runner’s jacket over her tank top so it was difficult to truly tell how cut and curvy she was until they left.  As she walked out, the runner’s muscles of her legs spoke to the strength she could yield in bed. All in all, as I said, both healthy and gorgeous. 

They did interact when their meal arrived. She ordered a salad and he a big ole cheeseburger with fries. He did slide his plate over and let her share his fries. I guess she didn’t feel as guilty only eating a few from his plate.

I can’t help but wonder…if she were to cage that massive  cock on their wedding day if she would be happier because he would be so much more attentive to her needs.

Then of course, you had the gaggle of over the the top, loud, and sexist sales guys ogling every woman that came in the place. Even the bartender wasn’t immune from the sophomoric bullshit! It almost turned my stomach. Almost! Nothing that an extra Hefeweizen couldn’t dull. 
Ally, not her real name, our bartender was fantastic. I had eaten there the night before because of its proximity to the hotel and there were two guys behind the bar. Last night, she ran circles around their level of service by herself! She was great. When my steak came out WAY over cooked she was angry and let the manager know. I guess I was the 4th or 5th order she had to send back. Needless to say, there was a free Hefeweizen for the kitchen screw up. I didn’t complain!

People watching for sport is fun!

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