Great news!

MrsL called me today after hearing from the insurance coordinator at 25’s rehab. She has been able to get insurance to pay in full, minus deductible of course, for a full 30 days! We will have to pay for the remainder and are making arrangements for that now.  A far cry from being told the day we admitted him to the program insurance might cover 5 days!
He is being moved out of primary care where his day is 100% managed to extended care next week. The beginnings of him really taking control of his life truly start then.

MrsL also recommended I call my MIL and have her read the first letter 25 wrote her. I am not doing that and here is why: my MIL has always been able to be blunt and stern with him and he has a lot of respect and love for her. She brings out the best in him and I am sure had some blunt tough love for him in her letters. What he says to her is between them. If she asks me if I want to hear it or read it I will politely refuse. MrsL said it was powerful, sincere, and really introspective (obviously she listened to her Mom read it).  

We are going to see him, with his brother on Sunday. A great Father’s Day!! I can’t wait!!

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