New horizons

MrsL and I have been discussing my chastity and travel for a few weeks.  I recently wrote in our private journal that I was just about ready to venture through TSA with her Steelheart in my carry on bag.  Okay, I really value my privacy and the fear of having a situation similar to Drew’s experience recently (read about it here) made me just a bit leery again.  It’s funny, I deal with confrontation every day in my job…I just don’t know how I would handle having the Steelheart called out on an x-Ray and then pulled out of my bag for review.    

Thinking I could get a Steelwerks Extreme Classic PA in full titanium we discussed that option in our journal. Then I leanred the tube would still have to be stainless steel which defeats the purpose of not having to carry it through TSA.  So, I fell back on Evotion Wearables.  

Until a few minutes ago, she has rebuffed all mention of a different device with “I’m thinking about it”. That has all changed! Let me give some background.

MrsL continues to evolve and grow in to a brilliant Keyholder.  Her sexual confidence grows exponentially  every week. Last night she repeated her ball and finger teasing…daring me to disobey her wishes. Then at the height of my horniness she  informed me she was sleepy, curled up on my chest, and went to sleep cupping my balls in her hand leaving the trapped erection fighting the steel.  I was a dripping much so that I had to lick her hand clean a couple of times.

This morning, I woke her up as usual and she rolled over and pushed my head toward her pussy.  After being told not to touch her for a couple of days I was so ready.  One problem, I haven’t shaved.  As soon as I nuzzled in to her she took a foot and pushed me away.  You haven’t shaved.  

I asked if she would give me 2 minutes to shave and then finish her orgasm.  She agreed.  BUT!  She got up and followed me in to the bathroom.  You’re just going to have to wait and really want me.  Maybe I will let you enjoy me during lunch.  She grabbed a sheer nightie informing me I’ll leave you easy access for when I change my mind.  She walked out as the nightie fell over her curvaceous ass.  DAMN!!

I am continuing to evolve as a chaste husband as well.  The more she teases, edges, and denies me the more I crave that feeling.  The more she withholds access to her body from me the more I WANT HER!  I told her those two exact things this morning in a Snapchat.  Her reply:  🙂 that can all be arranged!

I was not expecting that and it made my heart race a bit.  

She got a phone call from a customer and had to run out for a few minutes at lunch.  When she got back our dynamic had changed!

She confidently strode over to my desk spinning my chair to give her full access to my body.  One hand pulled my mouth to hers, kissing me deeply and passionatley, while the other began stroking my balls.  I felt the bite of the Steelhart at the same time I felt her hand slide down my neck and find a nipple.  As she pinched and rolled the nipple and squeezed the balls, I reached out to find her shorts.  My head was focused on getting to finish her orgasm from this morning. 

As soon my hands touched her she stopped everything: I didn’t say you could do that.  Now show me the other travel cages.

I showed her both the Steelwerks Classic explaining my disappointment that it wasn’t all titanium.  I then showed her this Evotion Wearables device.  If the Steelwerks cage can’t be worn through a metal detector then I want to other one.  

She started to walk away, leaving me a bit stunned, and I called after her: “Does that mean you want me to order one?”

Yes, we will measure for it tonight.

When I went downstairs to grab my lunch, she motioned me to stand in front of her.  As she had me massage her feet:

Once that new device arrives you will be secured at all times.  My Steelheart will be on you when you are not traveling and the new device will be on when there is any chance of a metal detector.  I will decide when (exceedingly long pregnant pause) or even if you get out of either of my cages.  Now, get your lunch and get back to work.

My heart is racing again as I write this.  Eating and typing are difficult but I had to put this here while it is still fresh.  My head is spinning and I have a childish grin on my face.  I guess she is going to arrange more long term denial?  

I am not sure what her drive over to meet a customer did. Maybe my text message admission about being denied tipped the balance.  Either way, I am happy and horny!  In a little over 15 months we have gone from her feeling guilty about denying me to taking steps to keep me locked and denied for longer periods of time.  We have gone from playful light impact play to full on stern disciplinary spankings. We have gone from toying with being forced to eat my cum sometimes to it being a requirement.   Now, to come to grips with my other fantasy…MrsL cuckolding me!  MAYBE….MAYBE NOT. Somethings are best left to fantasy.

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