You are in so much trouble…

Much like being locked in her Steelheart, it has been a long time since I have been sent to the garage for discipline.  Honestly, MrsL still has a tough time with the whole domestic discipline thing.  However, she always seems to notice just how focused I get on attention to detail immediately after a visit to the garage and the use of her crop.  So, how did I get myself “booked” (to use a soccer term) yesterday?  

The day started off casually lounging in bed after a great date night Saturday. MrsL wore her new little black dress and teased me all night.  After 20 made it home and went to bed I was summoned to kneel in front of her where she put her feet out in front of me.  I had a view inside her little black dress and had her moaning in short order while sucking her toes and lightly stroking the inside of her thighs.  After getting properly horny and wet, she hooked a finger in my leather collar and led us upstairs.  She kicked me off of her as her body was still quivering from its 5th orgasm.  I crawled in bed beside her, thanking her for the pleasure of making her orgasmic, and fell asleep with her curled up on my chest holding my swollen balls in her hand.  

I slept in Sunday, which in and of itself is a miracle, and when I woke up around 9:30 could tell she was in a light sleep.  I started caressing the small of her back.  She arched up and immediately rolled over pulling me in for a deep kiss.  Reaching down between my legs she guided the steel encased penis toward her sex.  Too bad you won’t feel this, was purred in my ear as she positioned the steel in just the right spot to grind herself to the edge of an orgasm.  Maneuvering to the side of the bed and pushing me to the floor she opened her legs and let me nuzzle her twitching clit in my mouth.  Just when I thought she was going to allow me the glory of using my lips and tongue to finish her orgasm; she pushed back, hopped up, put my hands on the bed, forced my head down on the bed, and told me to not move before trotting off to the toilet.  When she came back after her visit my back and ass were lit up with firm deep scratches.  A foot forced my knees apart as her hands found my balls.  As she massaged them in her hands I was certain I would lose control.  Remarkably, I didn’t because the fondling was only seconds.  

I felt her hand lace in to my hair and I was pulled upright against her legs and told to put my legs together as her hands found my nipples.  As she clamped on to each nipple she leaned over: I am off limits until further notice.  I can and will play with my balls anytime I want but you WILL NOT TOUCH ME other than to kiss me until I say so!

I was left there with will not touch me echoing in my head.  That is the most difficult thing for me to do…!  It drives me wild.

As the day progressed and 20 went to work, requiring me to strip, MrsL would casually tweak a nipple or fondle the balls every time she walked by me.  The worst part, she stripped out of her panties and bra leaving only her cotton pj’s on (did I mention it was a very relaxed day around here) to really tempt me. I made it through all the way until she finally came to bed. 

She was very frisky and the Steelheart was vicious.  Using both hands; one cupping, rolling, massaging, and squeezing the balls and the other lightly touching the tips of my fingers (who would have ever thought the tips of my fingers could be erogenous), she teased me right to the brink.  Listening to my breathing and audible moaning,  she whispered in her best sultry voice, Don’t you dare cum inside my Steelheart.  

I have never had an orgasm while locked up.  After last night, I can only imagine how painful that would be if it happened. 

It’s time to get some sleep, as she rolled over trapping my arm under her.  She had let my balls go. The trapped erection was subsiding when she started sucking on my fingers.  DAMN!

After skillfully and wantingly sucking on each finger, she reached over and motioned for my other arm and wrapped herself in my arms.  I was struggling with the desire to flip her over and bury my face in her pussy but maintained control…for about 3 minutes.  

Her grip let up on my arm over her shoulder and I could hear the soft breaths of her drifting off to sleep.  My free hand slid up and brushed over a nipple, creating that soft breathy moan that drives me wild.  Arching back against me, the feral beast snapped.

I pulled her up into me with the arm trapped under her head.  It slid just under her chin before she took it and placed it firmly on her neck pushing it into her.  I applied pressure until she tapped my arm.  As I continued using my free hand to play with her breast she reached back to grab her balls.  I am so glad you are locked in my Steelheart. My whole body aches for you right now.  

That was like waving a red flag in front of a bull! She then gave me permission to use only my hands on her, anywhere, but expressly prohibited giving her an orgasm.

Over the next 2 hours and with several admonitions from my Princess, I danced on the edge of a razor as the obedient voice telling me be a good boy and obey the rules fought with the horny voice screaming at me to lick and nipple her to many orgasms.  At one point, while fingering her she started describing how awesome it was going to feel when she unlocked her big hard cock and slid up and down on it while I was tied to the bed then flipping me over to fuck me after she reached her orgasm.  

That flipped the final switch and the horny voice won!

I rolled off of the bed and drug her body over to the edge.  As my tongue slid from her ass up to her clit the most intoxicating moan escaped her lips.  The first of 4 rapid rolling orgasms shook her body within seconds.  I didn’t stop until she kicked me off with both feet after 2 more orgasms. 

As I curled up on her chest Thanking Her for the honor of making her quake, she began playing with my hair: You are in so much trouble. Even though that was incredible you disobeyed me. As soon as 20 leaves for work tomorrow you will go to the garage.   I hope you will still think it was worth it after I welt your bare ass?  I LOVE You but you can’t break the rules and not be punished.   Good night.

It took over an hour for me to calm down enough to finally get to sleep.  I am certain it will have been worth every orgasm she got last night…! Stay tuned.  He leaves for work in 2 hours!!

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