It was worth it

Well, MrsL launched discipline again today. 

Today, she took a more active role in as much as: she didn’t wait for me to swallow my pride and go out to get her riding crop, sent me a text about 10 minutes after 20 had left wanting to know if I was disobeying her again, and finally explained why she was spanking me before she started.

These were meant to send a massage…and I got he message.  Hands off means hands off and no orgasms for her means no orgasms. I got 5 swats for each of the 6 orgasms she had last night. 

Maybe next time you will think twice about disobeying my wishes. 

As I was curled up in her lap afterwards, she did playfully tell me those were the best orgasms she has experienced in a long while. Mixed messages maybe!!??

Such a nice shade of red, don’t you think?

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