25 Continues to Improve

This weekend was bittersweet but a continued step toward lifelong recovery for 25.  He called Friday night of last week with only 8 minutes of time on his calling card so it was tough to get much.  He did finally ask to speak to 20 which seemed to make his day.  He has grown up watching 25 implode and hurts but still loves brother.  25 also mentioned he is finding peace through meditation.  A good practice.  We; however, did not go see him yesterday. 

My wife’s middle sister Red (and yes she has full on middle child syndrome still as an adult) was invited by 25 to come for a visit.  She only lives 45 miles away and has been a sounding board and cheerleader for his reckless behavior most of his life.  MrsL and Red have a love/hate sisterly relationship.  Red is impulsive, mouthy, and wants to be the “favorite” aunt so she has always let the nieces and nephews get away with whatever they wanted…until her kids were born.  We also found out after 25’s first attempt at rehab he had reached out to Red about his drug use and told her he was doing better so she never said anything to either of us.  That little gem still haunts their relationship.  So, needless to say MrsL was more antsy about her being there with him.

Red finally called about an hour after visitation ended.  That by itself isn’t weird because of the location of the facility.  It is nestled in the mountains and cell phone reception is spotty.  As every moment ticked past 4:00 p.m. MrsL became more and more agitated.  When she finally called the conversation was short and very terse. 

What we garnered from Red; he is continuing to “find” himself and work the steps, they took a hike around the trail and sat on the rocks above the waterfall, cried and laughed a lot.  He is really exploring his spiritual side with a Native American Indian yoga instructor/spiritual counselor.  (NOTE:  I have never been religious.  Yes, I grew up in a strict southern home where we went to “church” every time the doors opened.  I always felt out of place in any “church.”  Suffice it say; organized religion is not for me and is the bane of society.  I am very spiritual in as much as I connect with nature.  I believe in people being themselves and accepting them for who they are and have always taught that to my boys).  I am glad that 25 is finding the healing that nature can provide!

MrsL still feels unsettled with Red’s information.  I am supportive of her skepticism but keep trying to remind her 25 is finally working toward recovery and we have to be happy about his progress.  

Next Sunday is Father’s Day.  The best gift 25 could give me is his continued recovery.  One day at a time!

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