A fun weekend…

I am not real sure what MrsL has planned for this weekend but I am both excited and a bit leery. 

As I commented on Twitter yesterday she had me wear a butt plug for as long as I could. I was able to go a full 3 hours with her larger silicone plug. Honestly, the nJoy was pleasant but not fulfilling. It will be good for milking, I think?!  I got her permission via text to take it out. When she got home, she inquired about how long I was able to wear the plug. 

“3 hours, Princess.”

Tomorrow, as soon as you get back from your interview you will put my plug back in, understand?

“Yes, Princess.”

Saturday you will wear it as long as you can in preparation for Saturday night, understand?

I just got her permission to take it out today after 4 hours.  Upon coming back downstairs, she was very coy in asking, since 20 is in the room:

So, what do you want to do tomorrow night? 

She had been happy and grinning ever since! 

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