The Failed Experiment

I guess in the grand scheme of things it really wasn’t a failure because I didn’t have to explain away anything, thankfully!

After being unlocked for just over 3 weeks, MrsL secured the Steelheart back in place Monday mid afternoon.  I had written to her in our journal how I was actaully missing the steel, the constant reminder that my orgasms belong to her, the content feeling that comes with ultimate frustration.  I felt complete again!

Then, as my week unfolded I had an interview in popped in my calendar via video conference.  Yep, you got it at the metal detector protected facility.  I immediately decided I would not say anything to MrsL because it was an evening call and there would not be any other employees entering / exiting at that time. I had just been locked back up and I didn’t want to have to ask my Princess to unlock me.

So, after finishing up my work yesterday a little early so I could cut the grass, I came in and told MrsL and I had a video conference pop on my calendar for tonight while I was mowing.  She was busy preparing dinner, since I was mowing, and didn’t even say anything.  I got ready, ate quickly, and headed for the door.  As I kissed her she reached down to grab me and found the steel.  Her eyes lit up and she got a concerned look on her face.  This conversation took place in a whisper as 20 was sitting 30 feet away in the family room.

You didn’t take it off.  Do you want to before you leave.

“No, Princess.  You just put me back in.  I didn’t want to ask.”

Are you sure?

“Yes, Princess.  Maybe it won’t matter.”  I smiled a wide smile and she grinned and said:  Alright!  

She squeezed my balls, gave me a kiss, then swatted my ass as I walked away.

All the way to the facility I was going through how I would casually brush off an alarm: “new belt” or “sorry, I left my ID badge on.”  I thought it wouldn’t bother me.   A pack of 60+ crotch rocket riders shook me back to reality…racing around the outer loop;  dodging, weaving, darting in front of cars.  It was crazy.  Two of them almost met their maker when they cut me off vying for the same space.  But I digress.

A few minutes later I pull up to the facility and confidently stroll in to the employee entrance.  I badge in to the people counting system and walk up to the metal detectors.  The grandpa working this shift walked over to check my bag and I purposely didn’t take off my badge holder.  Taking a deep breath, I walked through.  I had been telling myself the detectors wouldn’t be so finely tuned…after all…it is a distribution center and manufacturing facility wo I reasoned the small amount of steel locked on my cock wouldn’t alarm.


If you are not familiar with how metal detectors work, there are lights along the frame that indicate where metal may be on the person walking through.  Grandpa instantly looked at my crotch…dirty old man…!

I tapped my badge holder and my belt buckle.  “Must be my new belt.  Sorry my call is starting in 5 minutes and I have to get set up.” 

Probably overkill but I wasn’t about to stick around for the hand held wand with subsequent questioning.  I drove MrsL’s car so I had her key ring with her Steelheart key; however, I was in the facility and not about to take off the Steelheart.  Plus, I was banking on Grandpa being there in 2 hours when I left.  


As I came down the steps into the entrance / exit area my heart started racing when I saw Grandpa was not at the desk.  In his place was a young twenty something guy.  Damn.  

Well, I reversed my procedure leaving my badge holder on my belt loop, placed my bag on the table, and walked through. BEEP.  It echoed in the long empty hallway.

Unlike Grandpa, the youngster simply waved me on without a glance.  NOTE TO SELF: call my counterpart responsible for the national contract and let him know our vendor is employing people who don’t do their jobs correctly.  He did check my bag thoroughly which is more likely where an item could have been concealed so maybe I will not call my counterpart after all. 

As soon as I walked in the door I found MrsL just starting to clean the kitchen…she really hates doing dishes by herself.  She turned toward me: Well, do we have a new rule?

“No, Princess.”

She laughed and said okay. I explained the entrance and exit focusing on Grandpa which earned a chuckle from MrsL.  We finished the kitchen and went to bed.  She teased me as we lay there: You sure you do’t want to stay in my Steelheart for your next flight?

The Steelheart reminded me just how effectively it does its job while as she fondled my balls.  I was rewarded with: take your time getting there…I want an orgasm when you do get there.  An hour later she probably woke up 20 when she had her first orgasm.  I made sure her entire body was touched with a kiss or nibble before the first stroke of the tongue over her swollen clit.  It was magical!  She kept me there licking, nibbling, and gently chewing by wrapping her legs around my head achieving 3 more orgasms in rapid succession.  I curled up beside her afterwards and fell asleep nestled on her chest with her holding the Steelheart.  PARADISE!!

I am one lucky husband!

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