It was an opportunity to play that started in an empty house, took a break for a few minutes when 20 came home, then went on in to the morning hours.  We have done anal play, serious anal play with, for the past few years and Friday night I can honestly say was the first night I felt like I was TAKEN!

It all started with a date night.  We went out to a local place that has great shrimp & grits, which we always split, and ran a few errands looking for a few items that 25 asked for when we visited the following Sunday.  Since it was Friday, there was a gentle suggestion that I should go out commando…which I eagerly obliged.  I am not one of those guys with a massive cock…but…with the right shorts on there is a noticeable outline of things.  Of course, when your lovely Wife/KH insists on teasing you with sultry looks, decadently simple caressing of her foot on the inside of my thigh, and playful double entendre all evening the visible outline is accentuated with very obvious markings of precum.

As we got home, she stood in the doorway of the pantry and stuck out her hand.  At first I wasn’t sure what she wanted, giving her a quizzical look, until she looked me up and down and frowned.  I was in our house with clothes on.  I wanted to go through and adjust all of the blinds, as we live on a corner lot and keep all of the blinds up most of the time…unless CFNM is happening.  Not tonight.  It wasn’t quite dark yet but I knew as soon as it became dark enough outside that lights would be on in our house people would be able to see in from the street.  Tonight that didn’t matter.

I removed my shoes placing them on the rack in garage then my shorts and shirt which I folded and placed in her hand.  You will not be needing these for the rest of the night. You need to go cleanse yourself and get out my toybox.  When ready, come downstairs with the blindfold, my favorite little blue clamps, and some rope.  Go!

After all was completed I returned to find MrsL enjoying Ellen, which she DVR’s every day, so I sat down at her feet and began giving her a foot massage placing the items she requested by my side. During a commercial she paused the DVR then reached down and blindfolded me before ordering me to stand up.  The little blue clamps were next.  I felt the bite of the clamp after she swirled a finger around each nipple…ensuring they were hard.  The rope was laced through each clamp then pulled down and anchored around my cock and balls.  There was just enough tension on the nipples that I had to bend over ever so slightly.  The anchored rope became a lead…a not so pleasant lead…as I was ushered upstairs and placed on the bed.  My arms were cinched out above my head.  More rope was added just but this time just around the balls.  One at a time, each foot was pushed up so rope could be anchored to a big toe.  As I tried to stretch out my legs I quickly realized there was not much rope and if I went to far my balls would be painfully pulled away from my body.  I heard a cute little giggle then:  I have two more episodes of Ellen to watch…make yourself comfortable.  Oh; in case you have thoughts otherwise, the only person having an orgasm tonight will be me.  You do not want to know what will happen if you cum.  Enjoy.

I heard the door shut and was left laying there neatly stretched out in both directions.  My nipples were already screaming at me and with every passing second my legs were tiring. I didn’t know how I would make it the nearly hour of DVR’d Ellen.  I let my mind go and slid in to blank area of sub space.  It had been awhile since she last left me tied up in our room and even though I am still sore today I rather enjoy being her plaything when it happens.

I am not sure how long she left me like this…probably 25-30 minutes.  Each clamp being removed was nearly enough to send me over the edge to an orgasm.  Thankfully, I maintained control. It felt good to stretch my legs as the rope was removed and took me a couple of seconds to not feel wobbly.  I was still blindfolded when I felt her fingers probing my ass slathering lube inside and out.  You are a little tight…it has been a few weeks…this will help.  The silicone plug began sliding inside me.  Since it had been a few weeks MrsL took her time getting it in place.

Put on some shorts and a shirt and come downstairs…it’s almost time for 20 (of course she used his name) to be home.  We will finish later and you will have to learn to be quiet!

With that the blindfold was removed and all I saw was her beautiful bare ass walking out of the door as she pulled her night gown over her body.

An hour or so later after 20 had gone to bed: Go wait for me in the closet!  

“Will you please read the little story I wrote for you…more adventures of the chastity couple Becca and Adam.”

Yes…now go to the closet.

My nipples were not going to like this but I complied.  As I walked away I heard the familiar refrain of theme music from the Ellen show.  DAMN!  Luckily, she was playing mind games with me because she was unclamping the hanger I had attached to my nipples and placed back on the rack in the closet in 15 or 20 minutes…I think.

She grabbed the leather around my neck and whispered in my ear: You like me leading your around by my collar?  At that point I knew she had read the story because I referred to the leather holding the lock charm as a collar in the story. I just shook my head YES!

I was lead back to our bed and placed on my back.  The homemade spreader bar I made for her out of a 4″ x 36″ oak dowel rod with eye hooks drilled in to it on each end and every 6″ along one side was placed under my knees forcing my legs up in the air.  Ankle cuffs were added then clipped in to the eye hooks before wrist cuffs were added and clipped to the nearest eye hooks under each leg.  Rope was again wrapped around my balls and laced through yet another eye hook and pulled tight.

I liked most of your story and maybe I will play that game with you this summer.  However, the first challenge will not happen…you are not getting permission to masturbate.  Understood?  

“Yes, Princess.” (more on the contents of the summer challenge later…if we play it out).

The silicone plug was removed and I felt her probing fingers applying more lube: one finger quickly followed by two then three all while her free hand kept adding more lubricant.  She had brought up Crisco, which we had used last time I my suggestion.  I was surprised at just how effective it was as well as how it minimized the soreness.  It came in handy!

When she was satisfied with the preparation there was a brief pause before I felt the tip of the dildo on my ass.  As she gently pushed the head into me I knew instantly it was the large 8″ long very thick dildo.  

At first she was gently gliding it in place; however,  once she sensed I had relaxed and was ready she TOOK me like never before. She fucked me with abandon only stopping to add more Crisco, periodically.  The intense pleasure every time the dildo ran over my prostate mingled with the discomfort of being stretched was powerful. The look of “ownership” on  MrsL’s face kept me focused on her and helped me find sub space again. She snapped me out of my happy place when she started stroking my cock, slamming her fist in to my balls with each stroke.

Don’t you dare cum, she growled as the pace of the fucking and stroking increased.  Just as I felt the wonderful tingling of an orgasm building my muscles clenched on the dildo and I let out a muffled moan.  MrsL understood the cues and pulled the dildo out completely and stopped stroking me.  

Ahh, look at it twitch, she chuckled walking toward the bathroom. After washing her hands she came out and released me from my bondage.  Wow, what a night!

We cuddled in bed after everything was put away. She refused to let me give her an orgasm, which was even more frustrating but it solidified her control. 


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