Return of the Steelheart

3 days ago I was languishing in a funk of uncertainty due to an extended period of freedom from the Steelheart. You can get up to speed here.

Since I wrote that, MrsL has taken teasing and edging me to a new level.  I am more horny today than I have been in awhile.   Let me recount some of the more devious teasing above and beyond the post from earlier today about Friday night’s beautiful anal / edging session.

While standing in front of the mirror shaving, naked of course, MrsL wrapped her arms around me from behind and took great pleasure stroking me extolling me to not cut myself as I shaved.  I’ve heard cum is a great skin conditioner she kept repeating as I was doing my best to stay focused.  Of course, I got a slap on the ass letting me know she was done just as the body was spinning up what would have been an afterburner of an orgasm.  It was at that time the suggestion for going out commando was left for me as my Princess left the bathroom.  You know what happened the rest of the night Friday evening.  

Saturday found us again running errands in the late afternoon once 20 went to work.  I tried to surprise MrsL and take her to a movie of her choosing once we were finished with the errands; unfortunately, we were in that in between time for the flick she wanted so we settled on coming home and grilling pork chops.  I threw on a pair of old school cotton gym shorts and t-shirt to grill in which gave MrsL complete clothed access to tease me…which she did for most of the evening.  Later that night, she treated me to an hour’s long blow job always deftly stopping at just the right time.  I was not allowed to touch her only making me want her more.  As usual, I thanked her vociferously for NOT giving me an orgasm.  Her reply was succinct: No need to thank me I LOVE denying you!  Awesome !!

After the emotional journey to see 25 yesterday I came home and immediately stripped out of my clothes and sat down giving her feet a nice massage.  Of course I sucked and nibbled on her toes and arches as well.  I crawled up in front of her and lay my head in her lap allowing her to run her fingers through my hair for a few minutes then she pushed me back onto the floor.  For the next half hour or more she used both of her feet to stroke, squeeze, trap/crush, and take me to the edge half a dozen times.  She even got real adept at capturing the precum on her toes for me to suck clean.  As I noted on my Twitter, she abruptly ended the session.

As she walked away she commented, I might finish playing later.  As we cooked I again thanked her several times for NOT giving me the orgasm.  I will write about the orgasm I gave her Sunday night later this week.  SPOILER ALERT: she is becoming much more demonstrative with what she wants as she gets close to an orgasm!

This morning when I woke her up her hand found her exposed stiffening cock and skillfully edged me for 20 minutes.  (I am so glad my boss doesn’t check up on me while I am working at home).  When she was ready, she rolled over and guided me to her sex where I proceeded to give her the morning wake up call she is accustomed to receiving: a long slow building orgasm. Afterwards, as I was kneeling in front of her resting my head on her chest I looked up and Thanked Her for the pleasure of giving her an orgasm and HER NOT giving me one.  Are you sure you are thankful for me denying you? 

“I could not be more sure, Princess!”

When do you travel again?

“Not until June 20th.”

Perfect…it is time for you to put on my Steelheart.  You can wait until after you shower after your lunch workout. Who knows you might get lucky.  I absolutely love the smile on your face right now.

She got up and walked away.  

I did get lucky at lunch…with another tease and denial session.  

All in all since Friday she has edged me close to fifty times and I could not be more happy!!  

I am definitely no longer CONFUSED!!

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