New toys

I could not have been more excited yesterday.  MrsL and I discussed ordering a new plug several weeks back and with everything going on it had slipped my mind.  Monday morning while the house was quiet I ordered this and an Aneros.  They actually both arrived yesterday.  I am saving the Aneros as a gift to MrsL when she finally decides she wants me back in her Steelheart.  Who knows…she may set a new endurance record with me having a comprehensive way of milking and ruining orgasms while I am in her Steelheart.

We had a pretty intense session last night that didn’t involve this little gem (more on that later); however she did tell me to put it in this morning as soon as I got up. I dutifully complied. 

I must admit putting it in myself is a little more difficult than the other plug I have. I was getting a bit frustrated but didn’t want to wake up MrsL so I slowed down, took a couple of calming breaths, was able to get it to slide in. It wasn’t the size of the head. It was very slick with Lube and I am not very “stretchy!” 

Once it was in, with the bulbous head pressing against my prostate, I began to understand why they are called “njoy.”

I was able to wear it for two hours comfortably. When I went in to wake up MrsL to get ready to go to the nail salon she reached around to see if I followed her orders. She asked how it felt and when I told her I felt like I was on the edge of an orgasm she smiled. The next thing I know, she was stroking me through my shorts insisting that I was NOT to have an orgasm. 

Between her alternating rhythm of stroking the penis and me flexing my anal muscles I was a moaning dripping mess!  

Hearing 20 bounding up the stairs brought the fun to an end quickly. I scurried off to the bathroom while she rolled over and hurriedly covered up.  Having him home is going to be a challenge because he is not afraid to walk in our room door open or shut…! 

I took the plug out about 30 minutes later after a full 3 hours wearing it today.  First impression: it is great for prostate massaging and easy to wear.  However, I really did miss the feeling of “fullness” that comes with the larger silicone plug.  Next up, as soon as MrsL locks me in her Steelheart again, the Aneros Helix!  

Stay tuned for the playtime session that found me trussed up nicely so MrsL could peg me with the large dildo….

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