The Hammer

Walking in to the house after a long day all he wanted to do was strip out of his clothes, have a glass of red wine, and read.  He had dropped his Wife at the airport this morning for her business trip so he didn’t think anything was amiss with her car still in the … More The Hammer

Another Monday

Sitting here in the Admiral’s Club bright and early waiting on my flight up to Buckeye land.  We had a really good visit 25 yesterday and it appears his “primary” care team believes he is ready to move to the first step down level. He will still be at the facility but will be in … More Another Monday

Scenes from the bar

Last night, as usual when on the road, I had s late dinner. I typically find a seat at the bar as I don’t want to tie up a table and the conversation and people watching is better. Last night was no different. The most striking scene from last night was this young mid-20’s couple … More Scenes from the bar

Great news!

MrsL called me today after hearing from the insurance coordinator at 25’s rehab. She has been able to get insurance to pay in full, minus deductible of course, for a full 30 days! We will have to pay for the remainder and are making arrangements for that now.  A far cry from being told the … More Great news!

New horizons

MrsL and I have been discussing my chastity and travel for a few weeks.  I recently wrote in our private journal that I was just about ready to venture through TSA with her Steelheart in my carry on bag.  Okay, I really value my privacy and the fear of having a situation similar to Drew’s … More New horizons

It was worth it

Well, MrsL launched discipline again today.  Today, she took a more active role in as much as: she didn’t wait for me to swallow my pride and go out to get her riding crop, sent me a text about 10 minutes after 20 had left wanting to know if I was disobeying her again, and … More It was worth it

Seeking advice

So, it’s summer and the pool is open. Last summer I was in the Bon4 silicone device and didn’t have to worry about the chlorine.  What are the risks, if any, of going swimming / lounging in the pool with the Steelheart? Will the chlorine damage the stainless or the brass of the lock?  Thanks … More Seeking advice