I’m Feeling Generous

Yesterday was a full day of CFNM with 20 at work and nothing to do around the house.  We took full advantage having an empty house and MrsL received her “spa service” here at home.

A relaxing shave of her pussy and legs was complimented with a long hot shower and full body massage all before ever leaving the room for the day.  Oh, I forgot to mention an orgasm before and after the spa treatment.  She edged me three or four times, once nearly ending in a trip to the garage for an unauthorized orgasm.  

Throughout the day, we took little interludes when the mood struck.  She received an orgasm in her recliner, in the kitchen leaning again the island, and several in different positions on our bed.  Having her penis unlocked gave her full access to tease me as well.  She stroked me with her hands, feet, and even gave me great oral sex…just no orgasms.  I kept waiting for the order to get her Steelheart at any time and it never came.  Then last night:

She came to bed late and crawled up on top of me.  Letting her hands roam all over my body she settled on the rapidly stiffening penis.  

“How would you like to cum inside me and play?”  

I didn’t hesitate…moving to take out the captive bead ring.  She took me in her hand after it was out leaning forward to suck me deep inside her mouth.  I nearly lost it then.  As she guided me to her pussy I was going through mental gymnastics to control the orgasm…the gymnastics did NOT work!

As soon as I slid inside her I was immediately on the razor’s edge.  I managed a little control before she looked at me:

“I’m feeling very generous tonight.”

I am surprised I lasted as long as I did after hearing that statement.  I asked a clarifying question while clenching my inner muscles as hard as possible with the head resting on her labia.  As soon as she confirmed generous equaled orgasm….three thrusts later I was emptying cum deep inside her.

Giggling, she said I should have said no.

I started to say something, probably whimper an apology for not having enough control, but was stopped with a finger to my lips.

“You need to put your mouth to work and clean up the mess you just made…no talking…!” 

She got the multiple orgasms she deserved from my mouth, teeth, and tongue.  We feel asleep with my head resting between her breast her hand caressing my hair…!  It is amazing how intimate that was!!!

I am still out of the Steelheart.  I am starting to catch myself with a hand toying with the CBR in the PA or absently stroking the penis.  If it happens again I am going to lock myself up so I don’t break my promise to never masturbate, without her permission) again.  

Until the next time….

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