2 in 36

As promised, I need to write about the amazing orgasm MrsL gave me early Saturday morning and now have a second one to add to this post.  I know this will all come to an end soon and quite frankly I am starting to miss the feel of the Steelheart so I am savoring every touch from her.

Friday a lazy day around the house.  None of us, 20 included, were in much of a mood to accomplish a whole lot.  After having been on the cruise ship for the past 5 days where meals were already prepared and someone else did the dishes…well…it is just hard to get back to normal.  But we did.  Then…

20 went to bed relatively early.  He started his new job Saturday and he is so much like me when it comes to being prepared and on time.  He got a job as an Assistant Manager for a company that provides life guards to all of the neighborhood pools…very Proud Papa here.  It was the first day for the pool to be open and he was actually closing but he still went to bed early giving MrsL and I some much needed alone time downstairs.

She isn’t shy any more about her foot massages.  Regardless of who is here with us, well so far it has just been family, she never fails to sit down and put her feet in my lap for her massage.  This started the evening off fabulously.  She was able to get caught up on some of her DVR’d shows while I massaged, and of course, sucked and nibbled on her feet.  Since we were alone, the foot that wasn’t being massaged always found its way to my crotch to ensure that I was properly excited to be taking care of her!  Around midnight she turned off the television, stood up, reached inside my shorts grabbing me by the balls, and led me upstairs.

In the room, I immediately started undressing her.  I have a pattern that she loves.  I remove her shirt and let my fingers slowly trace down her arms and shoulders to her bra.  I unhook the bra and as it slides off  I gently kiss all the way down her body until I am kneeling in front of her gazing up into her deep blue eyes.  I then remove shorts and panties and am allowed to nuzzle her sex to start her on the way to orgasmic bliss.  However, once she was completely undressed she put a finger under my chin and gently directed me to stand up.  As she unscrewed the ball on the captive bead ring and removed it from the PA she whispered in my ear:

“Tonight is for you, first…”

Needless to say the penis was already hard but that little bit of information sent another surge of excitement rushing there that it almost caused an orgasm just from her voice.  (A harbinger of things to come…)

I was still clothed, since we had someone in the house, so MrsL ripped my shorts off and then my shirt and began stroking the now fully exposed and rigid penis.  Remarkably, there was no hint of an orgasm.  I thought to myself…maybe the spoiled orgasm last night will help me last longer?  

Again using the penis as a guide, MrsL walked us over to the bed.  She lay down leaving me standing beside her and swung around on the bed so the penis was in a perfect position for her to suck it deep in her mouth!  DAMN.  I really had to focus so as not to erupt!  After a few minutes of this exquisite treat she let go and rolled over on the bed legs wide open.  This time, she took the hard penis and pulled me on top of her guiding the head to her swollen and wet pussy.

Fighting off the overwhelming desire to just pound myself deep inside her, I savored every glorious second allowing my weight to slide me inside.  She was massaging the penis with her vaginal muscles all the way down.  Once inside her, I lay there for several seconds as she let her body enjoy being wrapped around her hard cock!

“I LOVE having my COCK buried deep inside me” her breath raspy and intoxicating.  “Enjoy.”

I was determined to make this last as long as possible…even to try to get her to an orgasm as well…and was doing a great job.  Long slow deep thrust would be followed by quick rapid shallow thrust…just up to the head…10-12 times…followed by a long slow deep thrust…REPEAT…!  Not only does this provide MrsL with wonderful intense pleasure it allows me to focus on controlling myself to keep the orgasm at bay.

I also made sure that we were locked eye to eye the entire time.  Gazing in to MrsL’s eyes is always powerful.  Gazing deep in to her eyes while we make love is mind blowing.

I was able to stay focused on her pleasure 5 or 6 minutes (not bad for being close to 30 days without an orgasm) and then…

MrsL started running her fingernails up and down my ribs.  As I was slowly and rhythmically pulling all the way out of her pussy, placing the head on her clit, then driving deep inside her she began:

“You can cum anytime you want….or you can let me tease and edge you for awhile…”

Her voice!  Her eyes!  The smile on her face as she said ‘you can cum…’ was all too much.

My inner thighs began tingling as I felt my face flush.  The animal inside my head snapped away control and I started thrusting hard and fast inside MrsL.  Watching her face glow, I shot cum deep inside her as my body convulsed.  I must have been rather loud as she brought a hand up to cover my mouth.  The orgasm lasted for several seconds.  I can’t remember the last time my body produced 5 strong orgasmic contractions and even having had a spoiled orgasm the night before there was a lot of cum!!!

We lay there for several minutes enjoying the moment before I kissed her neck and rained kisses down her body to begin giving her many great orgasms as I cleaned up after myself.  The salty sweet fluid oozing out of her open pussy drove me crazy.  Lapping and sucking her clean produced her first orgasm within seconds.  There were many more to come for her!  We finally collapsed wrapped up in each other around 3 a.m.

Sunday was great.  20 had the day shift, as he does today, so I was naked all day long.  After lunch I sat down on the floor in front of her and  began giving her another foot massage.  As I was massaging her right foot she motioned me to slide in closer and she took her left foot and started playing with her toys.  She has never fully stroked me to an orgasm with her feet and knows that is one of my hottest fantasies…well…she finally granted another one of my fantasies!!

She instructed me to lean back.  I was allowed to either maintain eye contact with her or look down at her beautiful pink toes working up and down on my cock.  She would tell me when I could look at her foot…making it all the more powerful and dominant!  Soon the glistening precum was all over her toes.  She would stop and let me lick off the precum which provided more lubricant for her foot to continue to masturbate her cock.

MrsL took her sweet time in building me to the point of no return.  As the orgasm began to build we communicated solely with our eyes.  With each passing second I was becoming more focused on her face.  She would raise an eyebrow as the look on my face changed.  I guess she saw that look of want, desire, and sheer desperation on my face as I was trying to hold back the flood.  She smiled and shook her head YES.  Seconds later my eyes rolled back in my head as I exhaled loudly and cum erupted all over her foot.  She continued stroking me as she said “another fantasy realized!”

I watched as she swirled her toes in the cum that had dripped off on to my leg.  As she began raising her foot I instinctively opened my mouth.  Sucking my cum off of her feet was even more wildly erotic than I ever dreamed.  The smile on my face was all the evidence she needed that I was one HAPPY HUSBAND!

As she got up to walk into the kitchen, “Maybe I will give you one more orgasm before I put you back in my Steelheart…maybe not…!  Until I decide…right?”

“Yes, Princes…until you decide.”

I am still unlocked.  I know she wants me to shave her again this morning.  Of course, that always leads to her getting at least one orgasm from me with my tongue…!!!


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