The Reward

Even with all of the insanity of the last few weeks, MrsL and I have still tried to keep the sexy going between us.  Being unlocked she took full advantage of every opportunity to make me remember just exactly what her touch does to the penis and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

Every night, with the exception of the night before the colonoscopy, she climbs in to bed and gently fondles my balls until the penis is hard then she turns her attention to the erection.  One night she just strokes lightly. The next night she put only the head in her mouth and plays with the curved barbell with her tongue.  The next night brings full on oral sex while fingering my ass.  The best night was her nibbling…no chewing…on my nipples while she ran her freshly manicured nails up and down the insides of my thighs and occasionally digging them in to the stiff penis.  Of course, every night ended the same way: me on the absolute edge of losing control, MrsL daring me to cum without her permission, then her putting my tongue to work all over her body for as many orgasms as she wanted.

This went until that Thursday night a little over a week ago….that night I want to forget…but can’t.

She picked right back up on the drive down to Jacksonville and in the hotel that night even with 20 sleeping in the bed beside us in the room.  She put a finger over my mouth to remind me to be quiet then stroked me just to the point of no return 4 or 5 times before collecting all of the dribbled out precum in her hands and having me lick her clean.  That is when the real denial began.  As I licked her hand clean she whispered in my ear: “You are not allowed to touch me other than hugs and kisses until we get back home…understand?”

Have I ever written about just how much I don’t like it when she makes herself off limits?  Even when 20 would be in the shower in the stateroom or out roaming around the ship, MrsL played and had fun with her cock & balls and I have some discipline coming for breaking the rules a couple of times.  Not looking forward to that!

Finally, when we got home Thursday evening she came up behind me as I was putting a load of laundry in the washer, reached around and under my shirt clamping on my nipples, and whispered: “I am going to have so many orgasms tonight…I hope you are ready” then gave the rapidly growing erection a few strokes through my shorts and walked away!   Yes!!!

When we finally went to bed she was the one who was carnal!  She has used my hair before to direct me where she wants attention but never like that night.  Just as I would get in to a rhythm on one of her nipples she would forcefully guide me to the other nipple…then back again.  She moved my head up and down her stomach telling me to kiss everywhere before finally pushing me all the way down to her wet dripping swollen pussy.  I was in heaven!!!

Once she had my face exactly where she wanted it, she wrapped her legs around my shoulders locking me in that place and I didn’t need any more direction from her verbally.  She moaned loudly and writhed against my mouth and tongue.  She used her legs against my neck to slide her pussy up and down my face lingering and grinding her clit against my tongue each time.  The closer she got to an orgasm the more intensely she gripped me with her legs.  I lost myself in her and was rewarded with her shaking the entire bed and letting out the longest soulful exhale as her clit violently twitched between my teeth with her first of 3 orgasms within minutes of each other…each one being stronger and lasting longer than the last.

I have never felt so connected and close to her!

She pulled me up on the bed and told me to act like I was tied to the bed and not move.  Do you know how hard it is to pretend to be tied?  Especially when you wonderful Wife & Keyholder is sucking your cock like there is no tomorrow???  Well….

Lying between my legs making me watch, she sucked me to the edge of orgasm numerous times.  Each time she would “pop” my ever more sensitive cock out of her mouth right at that point where I could feel my body begin to tingle she would just smile and say: “You better not…”

She has implemented a new rule:  I can’t ask to cum when she is edging me.  If I ask everything stops!  If I am getting close I can only say “close”.  Truth be told…she knows just how close I am.  She listens and know when my breathing changes.  She can feel or see the balls drawing closer to my body.  Me telling her close is, in my opinion, more torture for me…and I am okay with it!

Finally, after a half dozen or so amazingly frustrating near orgasms I could feel my body beginning to flush, the nerve endings in my legs became more alive, and MrsL’s stroking and sucking become more focused.  Remember, I am still “pretending” to be tied down at this point when we had this little exchange:


“I know….”  as she continued stroking…. “Do not look away from me….”

“Yes, Princess….”  clenching my teeth trying to build any wall mentally and physically between me and the mounting pressure of an orgasm building in my groin.



Then after one last stroke, right as I was on the ragged edge of a massive explosion, she stopped!  I growled a bit as she smiled at me resting her chin on her hands.  There was one twitch with a small amount of cum shooting out of the cock before the oozing began.  She grinned widely as she said:

“Did you like your reward?  I didn’t want you to forget what a spoiled orgasm felt like.”

All I could do was shake my head yes.

After the oozing subsided she gripped the base and simply squeezed all the way up the shaft forcing out any lingering cum.  For the next several minutes she would scoop or swirl my cum in her hand and bring it to my mouth until every last drop was recycled.  It was glorious!

“Tomorrow night…you may get a full orgasm…MAYBE!  Now let’s get some sleep. Oh, and your next one will probably be the last one until your birthday…so sweet dreams!” She was asleep in no time…happy and content!

Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep for trying to count out just how many days it was until my birthday….90!

I did get that orgasm and will write about it later…I hear footsteps upstairs…20 has to be at work in a little bit and I don’t want to have to explain what this blog is to him.

Until then…have a great day!

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