Nothing to see here…

So, it appears I am going to be out of the Steelheart for at least another week.  Oh, don’t get me wrong there will still be no orgasms for me…from what I can tell…it is just with everything going on and the rapidly approaching family vacation, a cruise to the Bahamas, MrsL is letting me stay out.

I have been unlocked for a week now due to the having to visit my company’s metal detector protected facility followed by a brief business trip requiring airports and flying.  Yeah, I know there are guys who carry their metal chastity devices through security with them and put them on once through…it is just….well…I am not ready for that plunge.  We are actively reviewing options for travel that do not include the Bon4.  My last couple of days in it were less than effective.  Ultimately, my goal is to purchase a Steelwerks all titanium device which should be 100% metal detector friendly.  That purchase is requiring a bit of budgeting so it may take longer than expected.  When I got back, I had to begin preparation for my colonoscopy so MrsL let me remain unlocked.  I love how generous she is!!!

MrsL isn’t letting me be unlocked prevent her from actively teasing me.  Honestly, I think she is starting to prefer having more access to me because when I am unlocked the teasing increases exponentially which in turns makes me even more horny which in turns means she gets more of my attention!  Although the past 48 hours have definitely not been a very horny time for either of us: colonoscopy prep, issues with 25, and then being told that at age 49 I had a few polyps removed during the colonoscopy have put a bit of a damper on the horny meter.

Even with 25 having another major setback with his addiction, we are taking him with us on the cruise.  Hopefully, it will give him some clarity to be out on the ocean away from this area and he can go in to his treatment program somewhat centered.  We have him on lock down here at the house: alarm code changed and he doesn’t leave the house without one of us.   It is so sad and painful to watch but he knows he has a problem and, depending on the time of day, is ready to go to treatment.

So, I will try and post at least once more before the cruise.  However, we are going to make the cruise, as much as possible, an electronics free time so we can focus on family! Oh sure, I will probably get online once or twice…there just won’t be a whole lot to talk about.

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