PA and the urinal

So, had a very embarrassing moment today and thankfully there was no one there to see it happen. 

I had a video conference this afternoon in our metal detector facility protected facility. MrsL unlocked me for the day when we got up, she had to get up early to get 25 to campus for an all day study session for his two finals tomorrow. I showered and through on some shorts and a t-shirt since I was working from home for a couple of hours. When the time came, I changed in to some khakis and a button down shirt before heading off to the video conference.

The video conference room is situated upstairs in an empty section of the facility. I couldn’t be more glad for that than I was today. A few minutes before the call started I had to run to the men’s room. Since I was unlocked I was able to saunter up to the urinal and relieve myself standing up. Just one problem…the PA curved barbell!

Seconds after I relaxed and let things begin to flow I glanced down to ensure the “stream” was flowing smoothly. Much to my chagrin, the stream was NOT flowing smoothly at all! The little ball on either end of the barbell was working as a launch pad, if you will, for the stream. I had urine going in several different directions. I quickly noticed a quarter sized wet spot on the inside seam down by the ankle and pinched things off a bit to slow down the flow. 

At this point, letting the stream begin again, I felt a wetness on the upper part of my leg and to my horror found that not only had the  earlier splattering marked the bottom of my slacks it had left a trail from mid quad down to my knee on the inside seam. There was no way to hide it or explain it away IF anyone saw it.

Thankfully, there was no one up in that part of the building. I mean when I am up there at night for calls with China I swear it is haunted but was never so glad it as empty today. The layout of the video conference suite is such that it looks like you are setting across the table with the other location which meant the folks I wad conferencing with couldn’t see under the table. Whew!!!

Lesson learned: sitting to pee when locked up is a good thing and I need to control the flow when unlocked and “splashing” over the balls on the curved barbell.!

2 thoughts on “PA and the urinal

  1. Done it and know your pain but it’s still rather funny.

    I still remember when I tried to stand the first time and peed on the man standing next to me in ATL. Awkward.


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