Finding time

The next 3+ months are going to be interesting. Sure, I was in chastity last summer; however, we were nowhere near as openly intimate as we have been all if this year. 

I mean there is nothing wrong with hugging and kissing (not the long deep intense kissing) in front of our adult boys but we have to be careful with where our hands roam. MrsL likes to tweak my nipples or play with her steel encased cock several times throughout the day  and we now have to be cognizant of someone rounding a corner!!!

Things we will have to make time for include:

  • Discipline: going to be hard to find time to be sent to the garage for bare ass spankings.
  • CFNM: definitely can’t be running around completely naked except for the Steelheart.
  • Noisy play: I am, apparently, very noisy even when gagged when MrsL had me tied up and using her many toys from her toy box.

Of course there is always sporting a butt plug at her whim to up the kinky play so there will be opportunities.  

Oh, it looks like I will be in China for three weeks in June. We are discussing options for either carrying the Steelheart in my luggage or ordering a travel safe device. We are looking at either the HT2 or the EvotionWearables PA cock sleeve. If we go with the second option I will definitely post pics and a detailed review. 

So for the summer, I will refer to each boy by age. Sounds like 20 is heading down so signing off for now!! 

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