Another counting lesson in store

MrsL was definitely horny when she came to bed last night. We kissed and had some heavy petting for a few minutes prior to her grabbing a handful of hair, whispering in my ear “1 orgasm only”, then directing my mouth to her warm wet pussy!

I sensed she was in the mood for a long slow buildup. I took my time with long licks from the perineum up to her clit. If she wasn’t wet already she quickly became dripping wet! A little gentle nibbling on first the right then left labia had her moaning and writhing all over the bed…my clue she was ready for the next step in the journey. 

Moving my mouth directly over her clit, I sucked it in deeply gently chewing on it the entire time. As I let it slide out of my mouth my tongue slowly circled the engorged clitoris creating the most delicious sounds from her as well as a steady stream of her wetness which I lapped up like a thirsty dog…come to think of it I was in a bit of a primal mood again…so an apropos analogy.

As I returned to her clit with slow up and down flicks of my tongue she began grinding against my face so I focused on that area. Within moments she was moaning into her pillow pulled up over her face to muffle the sound…so damn hot! 

I let her catch her breath and shifted to a rapid sucking and tongue swirling motion and had her bucking and moaning through a second orgasm then a third within seconds. As she relaxed with some deep breathing, I rolled her feet up on the bed. As she was getting comfy on her side of the bed she made the following statement, 

“I guess I am going to have to teach you how to count all over again!”

Every time I tried to say something she would interrupt me and say “1 is 1.”  I had to bury my far in my pillow to muffle the laughter…I couldn’t stop laughing.

I guess I will have some more remedial counting lessons over the summer!!?? -:)

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