Do you trust me

This past weekend has been one of profound teasing bliss hidden within a visit from the sister-in-law I can only take about 30 minutes of before I am ready to go postal (not to worry I made it through as she was only here for about 18 hours) that ended with the most incredible orgasm I think I have ever experienced.  

It all started Friday afternoon.  After dropping our son off at work, which he quit to get away from bad influences, and getting naked when I got home MrsL told me to go upstairs and wait for her.  While I finished up a few things for work she started sending me SnapChat messages with little hints about what she had planned. She even sent me a photo looking down her shirt…clothes on…but still a picture of her breast!  Unfortunately, about 30 minutes after getting home she texted me her plans would have to wait…our son texted her stating he found someone to cover his shift and wanted to come home.  However, before I could get dressed she did tell me to go to time out for 15 minutes.  Her message with the time out instructions: “Your nipples are going to be very sore before the weekend is over!”  I had to really focus and control my thoughts as I was hanging in the closet to prevent an unauthorized & hands free orgasm.

When I came down, dressed to go pick up our son and go out to dinner, MrsL had me stand in front of her and she further softened up my nipples with her iron grip.  Once again, I found myself on scaling the cliffs of an orgasm only to be tripped up and stumble all the way back down to a twitching, steel encased twitching, leaky mess.  We had about 20 minutes before we had to pick up our son so we sat down on the loveseat and chatted.  When I stood up, my fears were confirmed when I checked my crotch…all of the twitching created a tube full of precum that had leaked out creating an obvious little wet spot in my shorts.  As I went turned to go change MrsL said “no…you can just deal with it…”   After a long pause where she enjoyed watching my mind process all of the thoughts/emotions of what was about to happen she laughed and said…”go change!” Whew!

She allowed me to give her many orgasms when she came to bed Friday night which was awesome.  

Saturday morning I let her sleep in a bit but knew we had a lot of cleaning to got done so after her normal wake up call of a full body massage and a couple of orgasms she informed me she was off limits the remainder of the day.  Oh, but that didn’t stop her.  Several times throughout the day she would call me over and either apply her vice like grip to my nipples until she could see the could see the near orgasm on my face and let go or pull my shorts down and knead my balls until the Steelheart was brutally containing the erection.  (In case you’re wondering our son slept most of the day).  She had me run a few errands during the day and made me go out in nothing buy my gym shorts (commando style), a t-shirt, and flip flops. She wanted reports back on how many people noticed the bulge…oh did I tell you the gym shorts were 100% cotton and a size too small?  I got a few looks which created a surge in the cock which caused the Steelheart to be even more defined.  Thankfully, I didn’t run into anyone I knew but I was very proud to be wearing her Steelheart.

She stayed up late with her sister Saturday night and when she came to bed I woke up and just ran my fingers gently over her entire body.  This earned me another visit to her soaking wet pussy with my mouth and tongue that resulted in an orgasm that she said was one for the record books.  We fell asleep curled up beside each other with her holding my balls in her hand…orgasm denial bliss for me!!

Yesterday was full of entertaining the sister-in-law and nephew until they left for his football combine.  After they left our son emerged begging to go to the nearby college’s library to study (promising not to seek out drugs but he did but that is a story for another post).  MrsL took him because she had to visit her customer from Thursday night to pick up payments.  This is when the fun started.

After dropping him off I got a phone call: “Are you naked?”  

Luckily I could answer yes…I have discovered I love the freedoms of no clothes!  

“Good, do you trust me?”

“Yes, Princess.”

“Then set the alarm, get my toy box out, put on your blindfold and noise canceling headphones, then lay on the bed waiting!  Oh, and figure out how to get your legs strapped to the bed.”

The line went dead!  

To say I was excited, nervous, and horny would be a massive understatement but I followed her directions.  It is amazing how your mind will play tricks on you when some of your senses are take away.  I admit I freaked out a couple of times and since my hands were free slide the blindfold up to regroup.  I am not sure how long I lay there but it was through two of the watch this brief video for 30 minutes of ad free music on Spotify…so over an hour!

Even with the music and Bose headphones on the alarm panel is so damn loud I heard it when she came in downstairs…and knew the fun was about to begin.

A few minutes later a familiar touch ran a finger down the arm closest to the door before putting the cuff on and pulling the strap tight.  The finger traced its way along my body to the strap on my right leg then pulled it tight.  Moments later I was completely immobile and already on the verge of an orgasm.  MrsL then used her breast to tease me.  Squeezing a foot between them…dragging them up a leg to the Steelheart before letting them dangle and bounce around on the Steelheart…then down the other leg repeating the foot focus was such a mind fuck. She wasn’t done!

Crawling up over my body so her breast were just out of reach she nestled her pussy on a foot and rode that foot for several minutes then switched to the other foot.  I could feel her juices on my feet and was absolutely amazed when she licked them clean…DAMN…that visual would have been so hot but imagining it in my mind was even incredible.  After finished with each foot there was nothing.  I lay there not sure what to expect but knew it would be great.  Moments later it did !

I felt a small metal object on my chest tracing down toward my groin.  It was her key! She unlocked the Steelheart only then I felt a warm cloth cleaning things.  The next few minutes are a blur.  Between stroking and sucking her cock and balls to the edge she would climb up my body and kiss  me deeply.  Once she put her breast right on my lips and. when I realized they were there and tried to suck on them she pulled them away.  I don’t know how many times I told her I was close….I lost count (new rule…I can’t ask for an orgasm if she is playing and if I do she ruins it…so I have to tell her I am close if she is too engrossed in what she is doing)!!  At one point she was sucking and chewing on the area between the base of my shaft and my balls.  All I can say is WOW!!

The base ring was doing a good job keeping me hard; however, when she started toying with the PA ring the erection vanished.  Talk about disappointing!  MrsL apparently wasn’t in a rush.  After taking out the ring there was a break in the fun.  I heard the music on Spotify but lost track of time.   MrsL knew just how much time she needed.  

Without any warning I felt her favorite little blue clamp shutting on one then the other nipple.  An immediate rush of blood created a raging erection. I felt her hands on the base ring rotating it and figured out what she was doing moments later. She trapped the erection between her pussy and my body and started slowly grinding her clit on her hard cock.  I could hear my moans even through the Bose so I am sure I was loud.  After getting me to the point where any movement of her pussy had me screaming CLOSE she reached down and guided me inside her and just sat there squeezing my cock with her vaginal muscles while rotating the clamps…viciously twisting my nipples. Her left hand let go of its clamp and a finger traced a Y on my chest before grabbing and twisting the clamp again.  She never moved!

The combination of the intense nipple pain with her kegels milking my cock resulted in an orgasm like no other I have ever experienced. My entire body shuddered with each burst of cum inside her and it lasted through 5 or 6 eruption. When she took off the clamps, at the same time I might add, I blasted one more shot inside her.  I was lost in an orgasmic haze.  

The next thing I saw was her dripping pussy over my mouth.  She had ripped off the blindfold and headphones after releasing the clamps before spinning around so I could clean up her full pussy.  She got a few orgasms out of me cleaning her out. When she was satisfied, she took the cold wash cloth and cleaned of her cock before putting the PA ring back in and securing it back in her Steelheart.   After I was securely locked away she undid my arms and legs.  She smiled when I looked at her Steelheart then at her then walked away.

Such an awesome gift of an orgasm!!

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