2 in 36

As promised, I need to write about the amazing orgasm MrsL gave me early Saturday morning and now have a second one to add to this post.  I know this will all come to an end soon and quite frankly I am starting to miss the feel of the Steelheart so I am savoring every … More 2 in 36

The Reward

Even with all of the insanity of the last few weeks, MrsL and I have still tried to keep the sexy going between us.  Being unlocked she took full advantage of every opportunity to make me remember just exactly what her touch does to the penis and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Every night, with … More The Reward

Muggle life 

Sorry for not being present here for a few days. The past 48 hours has been a painful blur culminating in 25 finally agreeing to go to a residential addiction recovery program. As a side note: please hug your kids (and anyone you know and love) and tell them how much they mean to you … More Muggle life 

Unlocked and Horny

I have been unlocked since Monday.  I had a video conference Monday requiring me to enter the metal detector protected facility and then had to travel up to the Windy City on Wednesday so MrsL was gracious enough to leave me unlocked for the week.  It now seems as if I will be unlocked for … More Unlocked and Horny

PA and the urinal

So, had a very embarrassing moment today and thankfully there was no one there to see it happen.  I had a video conference this afternoon in our metal detector facility protected facility. MrsL unlocked me for the day when we got up, she had to get up early to get 25 to campus for an … More PA and the urinal

Finding time

The next 3+ months are going to be interesting. Sure, I was in chastity last summer; however, we were nowhere near as openly intimate as we have been all if this year.  I mean there is nothing wrong with hugging and kissing (not the long deep intense kissing) in front of our adult boys but … More Finding time